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From the original Ultima thread:

If you guys don’t heed this warning and we start getting a lot of complaints / postings about this, we’ll pull the Ultima line / stop creating new ones and reserve those titles for people who have demonstrated their willingness to abide by the rules. Once every two days at the start.


Let me know how this goes.


I’m all about following rules and guidelines :innocent:


Also, make sure you are EATING (preferably nutrient rich and healthy foods) and drinking lots of water.


I noticed electrolyte rich drinks help alot…


@SaintSovereign I have the bone conduction headphones hooked up through bluetooth and I am playing one loop at the moment. I will report back later today


Is this the only one making people grr? I haven’t felt any agitation on sanguine, thankfully.


Learning / cognitive subs tend to have this effect on people, myself included. I’m having to consciously remind myself to calm down and not snap at people. Also having to take more moments to just breathe. Then again, learning subs ALWAYS do this to me. Just seems to be one of those things.

Also, the heavy scripting on productivity “getting things done” can cause you to feel more vigilant and aggressive. Remember, you’re state shifting into a very dominant, “gotta finish this” mindset. Hence why Ultima subs are BOOSTERS, you run it in conjunction with a major sub, which has scripting to calm you down and smooth everything over.

Sanguine is very much focused on good feels and good vibes. It’s not gonna feel the same.

AzrielLight EmperorQ

@SaintSovereign I have had the same issue since starting Beyond Limitless Ultima. I got to thinking about it and I will probably run one loop of my T2 custom a little later to balance things out. I don’t really want or need the headaches at this time that would come from telling folks to fuck off. As necessary and needed as it may be


Please note: We get charged by our merchant processor every time we have to issue a refund. All of our products, except customs, come with free upgrades, no exceptions. Please refrain from buying the Ultima subs if you have already purchased the stack module version. Same with superchargers.


Why would you purchase the Ultima version if you already own the stack version? That doesn’t make sense


Sometimes, people do strange things…


OK,mystery solved …that is why I get annoyed at people all the time…I run Beyond limitless Ultima one loop a day …i dont feel I become smarter when I write or contemplate…but I do feel a slightly pleasant body sensation and a bit more confident and positive…thanks for what you have done…looking forward libertine to be updated…


now it makes sense why i’ve been snapping so easily at people but at the same time justifying my position agianst them without even thinking, and consequently removing any chance for them to play the victim card


I screwed this up. I got it in my head it was every other day.


How does one “feel” smarter? Intelligence isn’t something you “feel,” even the people who are clearly lacking in that department will still declare their intellectual superiority over you. You’ll need to journal / document your results to see the clear progression in your cognitive abilities unless you’re VERY self-aware.


It’s like stark and BL at work together.

One second i snap at people, and the very next second when i sense they are gonna start playing the victim…I change to the most charming person and refute their points one by one in such a calm fashion they can’t even talk back…

Today this happened twice and I think this is something i will post again in my journal!


I hope they weren’t attacks on my excitement


I can personally vouch for this during the testing. I tried it 3 times a day a couple times and the headaches were really bad and I could sleep for over 9 hours and still feel tired the next day. The worst downside was I didn’t feel the same level of power as the first time I listened. It can fool you too, where you think you can handle more, but the next day you’ll find out that that wasn’t the case at all.


They weren’t, and even if they were, he deleted them. Ya’ll calm down.