Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


Yeah so my normal state before was to feel that way, often. Wanting to snap but holding it in, grumbling at a slack ping. It started to dissipate the more I listened to the subs I chose.


@mecharc As @SaintSovereign stated they weren’t. Just deleting posts rather than modifying.

At this point although I am very aware that Beyond Limitless Ultima is meant to be run with a major program at this point I have zero desire to do so. In this case less is definitely more


Haha! It was just said in good fun. just an attempt to make humour with the timing of events. BL did’nt trigger me. lol


sure…I see what you mean…I am talking about my subjective experience and feeling…one thing that confuses me is that QLQ st3 ‘s effect seem to be “come and go…”…I do experience the effect of hyper concentration now and there …never last too long and much less noticeable than the previous two…is that form of reconciliation?…


Yes. Reason why you’re getting mental reconciliation is because you’re listening to mentally enhancing suggestions.


I did it actually. Because i saw the price 50$ and i didnt know that it is free upgrade. The price difference is big and i thought we have to pay again. After i bought it, i start reading the forum to see any feedback and reactions from people listening this booster and i saw the upgrades are free which doesnt make sense to me but i appreciate the nice gesture. Here you go you have your answer


Many of the private testers, including @RVconsultant is reporting the same thing. The anger (and the euphoria) calms down after a bit and becomes a calm focus.


Do you think Ultimas will ever be name-embedded? Given that they require some manual work.


In a far away future, or if you love a title that much that you’re willing to pay the manual fee ($700).


I’m willing to pay the manual fee for ascension name embedded :smiley:


Got to admit after two weeks of Beyond Limitless Ultima, this program really starts to kick-in hot.

My eyes open up at 6 in the morning no matter what time I go to sleep, I feel well-rested and all. I would only be cautious not to overdo on the loops, I really had sleep problems past few days.


I’m comboing it nicely with my StarkQ and Custom

I agree on the loops
I’ve got 5 loops of my stack every other day with maybe 1 or 2 custom here or there if I feel I can handle it

I’m feeling a sense of strong mindedness followed by a strong desire to learn important stuff and to learn how people work


I prefer the balanced growth strategy over the push my limits, I can handle it, eventually you end up pushing to hard and give in to reconciliation. From what it seems I’m also having more potent results so the strategy speaks for itself.

All I can say is to be really cautious on the loops, both with Terminus and with Ultima, or even with Q. Sometimes you run a loop of Q and think it is not doing anything because your brain hasn’t yet processed or is still processing from past loops, Q in itself should be used with caution.

I’m going to be running a combination of Stark and Beyond Limitless as well, eager to compare results! :slight_smile:


Beyond Limitless Ultima continues to be my favorite SubClub audio. The shift and refinement of thinking can only be experienced. I have put far more thought into so much the last few days as well as simplified or consolidated tasks that I didn’t previously consider. Even my choice of words or my choice to not speak at all is impacted .


Well, I can say that I’ve met a LOT of dumb people who FEEL smart. That is, they think they’re smart but they’re not. And those people are far more dangerous than dumb people who know they’re dumb. :slight_smile:

Although, smart people who know they’re smart aren’t much better. They’re just annoying! :slight_smile:


It’s early, yet – less than a full week, but I’ve been running 1 loop of BLU in the morning, my custom Gold Q track a few times throughout the day, and 1 loop of Sanguine Ultima as I drift to sleep.

I’ve been very productive, more focused, and having more breakthroughs (I’m a programmer and had been struggling to solve some pretty overwhelming challenges).

SU seems to help me get past my insomnia and I do find myself being more “sanguine” throughout the day – though it’s been decades since I’ve had a problem with uncontrolled emotions.


There’s a major difference between being smart or clever and intelligent tho, intelligence is consciousness and being smart is no more then having a lot of knowledge which most of the time they don’t even understand, combining the both blends as together as wisdom.

With Intelligence your unlikely to miss-out on the knowledge but very often when being smart or clever you miss-out on the intelligence.


I like to see being smart or clever is showing potential intelligence

Being Intelligent is actually having intelligence as a personality trait


There’s something really strange about Beyond Limitless Ultima, whenever I’m listening to it at around the 33 minutes mark I experience a state shift, a mood shift, a shift in the scripting – I’m not sure what it actually is.

Today I noticed it once more and went to look at how far I was in the track and was 33-minutes. Has anyone else observed this as well?


Being smart is most often a sign of having great brain capacity, memory etc but that’s nothing that cannot be upgraded, same goes for Intelligence, everyone can attain it. Most people that are born smart, have a lot of potential to become intelligence, yet most get caught up in society and become useless PhD’s.

It’s really just the difference between left & right brain-hemisphere, one is not better then the other but if you combine both (middle pillar) you’ll be amazingly wise. To combine Knowledge with Understanding creates Wisdom through experience.