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Yes, I am also having the shift to a zone mindset at the middle of the recording. Before it is more about relaxing I feel


I’m wondering if it is the Beyond Limitless Script vs Module Enhancers, because there’s a really strange shift going on after the 33-minute mark, I noticed this on my first loop of Ultima Special while the experimentation was on-going and I’m still noticing it as of now.


What do you mean by useless phds?


Because PhD’s very often don’t understand the whole of creation and consciousness because they are very distracted on physical matters. Especially because they’re experts on the very detailed specifics of a chose field, knowing of nothing besides that.

Much like looking through the keyhole of a door where after lies a plane of infinite possibilities.

Anyhow, do you trust the Government, does it feel like they’re protecting our sovereignty, abundance and well-being, are they even being honest with us? I guess you know the answer for yourself, and also understand that the educative system is a direct reflection of that, it’s another distraction to capitalize your life, and for what, everyone of us has the ability to create in accordance to Universal Law, which overlays the human generated matrix system.


I’m not a fan of the education system, definitely. The gatekeeping to knowledge with ridiculous expense here in the US winds me up. But I have immense respect for the experts in their fields who make a difference in the world.

On subjects of consciousness and universal law. I think some of them are utilizing it on a unconscious level. I’ve encountered far more individuals with some spiritual intellect or awareness and their life is train wreck. Their “knowledge” they’ve amassed has limited application.


I’ve decided to do my stacks 1 day on 1 day off with BLU

It really does take it out of you, found myself taking short naps and drinking more coffee during the week when I was on it. A days rest is very much needed.


Since i dont keep a journal anymore i will quickly write here my experience

Day 1 1 loop
I was focussed for 8-9 hours. Overall i dont have many focus issues but i was much more focussed than normal. Also felt more happy and more positive than normal

Day 2 off

Day 3 1 loop
I was thinking to stick to the recommended 1 loop every other day. Very focussed again. This product and sexmastery have the most obvious effects imo

Day 4 1 loop
Not sticking to recommendation but i had a ton of work to do and i thought why not? Not any side effects. I need to mention all the days i had a bit of trouble sleeping. I always have difficulty on that area but it was magnified

Day 5 1 loop
I had a ton of work again. Since i didnt have any side effect i thought why not. Even though i was focussed my eyes were burning and i had a lot of headache. My focussed was above average but bellow ultima’s standards

Day 6 off
I still had a ton of headache and eyes were burning like i didnt sleep at all. Even when i trained muay, i was stopping every 5 minutes. In the end i threw some cold water and i felt better but still not good at all. Sleep was bad all of these days even though i have deep sleep in my custom. I guess ultima was too strong

Day 7 off
I just wake up. I slept 9 hours. Unusual for me. My head isnt 100% back to normal neither my eyes but they are 90% back


Thanks for the convincing. I’ll be beginning working from home in the next week or so and this will be perfect to listen to before work starts to ensure productivity and focus while in a home environment.

Looking forward to trialing this with my other research too :smiley:


@Hermit definitely noticing the shift at around that same time, 40 minutes was about the WTF level of Limitless the movie itself. Its a level of focus I haven’t had since the fire, it feels like I could easily slip back into the world of Damien Greene (my novels’ primary character), or Riff-Raff, or any one of the others and find the words without any effort. I’ll be testing this out further on the weekend. Perhaps earlier.


Do you feel that you could get inside the characters in your novels?


I listened for the first time to Beyond Ultima, my first subliminal here.
I’m really happy as I have more energy, little intrusive thoughts and I feel like more intelligence and mental skills.
I feel better overall too which is a surprise because I expected just mental skills.
It’s strange but I feel more effects some hours later to the listening.


I do think it has that potential, although I’ll have to wait to see what happens when I use it again next. Because with writing I tend to have events happen in the outer world that are a reflection of the novel, after a few bad experiences in that area I’ve been cautious about getting into it again. I was writing the section about Damien confronting his own mortality after the death of his friend right as my friend and muse for the novel died of cancer, she passed into the other world right after I’d sent the finished section to them and told them I hoped they were doing okay. Then with writing or rereading sections of his loss in relationships, I experienced some of the same in myself. Given that this is a series of novels where the main character becomes a superhero by the end of Book 3, it might be worthwhile exploring that. But there are less savoury characters I have to write like Jamie Snow and her sexual torture of Damien which I’d rather not have showing up in reality :wink: so I’ll have to get that manifestation aspect under control before I go too far into that…


Look’s like your Mind’s Eye is working well…


It’d be nice if it were all Minds Eye, but at least two of these rather freaky parallels occurred before I even started listening to Emperor, back last year before I joined the forum. One event involved one of the guys Seamus (Damien’s drug dealer and spiritual brother) was based on. I wrote a rather heavy scene where Damien breaks into Seamus’ apartment via his fire stairs to see if he was okay after the events of Book 1 unfolding, and finding blood on the wall, not knowing whether it was Seamus’ blood or the attacker’s. Eventually by following directions the two of them had pre-arranged Damien discovers Seamus escaped and is headed north.

After writing that section, it turned out one of the two guys I based the character on had been stabbed by an ex-gf in a drug fueled rage, his blood had gotten on the wall, and he had fled north to another state.

That was about the point I started to realize something was going on :wink: did I pick up on his future, did I help to manifest it, or neither? Who knows. Either way, I thought twice about basing characters in the books off people I knew in real life at that point :stuck_out_tongue:

I shudder to think how good my Minds Eye is now, perhaps thats why I didn’t have much reconciliation at all with the T^2 version.


As you’re writing these scenes what is your sensory experience of the scenes like? For example, how much is visual, how much a direct ‘knowing’, and so on? What is your subjective experience of your Mind’s Eye in the writing process?

Story writing and MET²

That’s a good question. So we don’t derall the BLU thread with this I’m going to create a separate topic to continue the discussion.


This was the fun one that hit nice and hard, right? I think I’ll give it a shot. In advance, forgive me if I temporarily no longer believe in “there are no stupid questions.” :slight_smile:


For those of you with VR, run Beyond Limitless and then play Beat Saber. :rofl:


Instructions unclear, dick stuck in toaster


@SaintSovereign I got Beat Saber on the Quest and Beyond Limitless, have to try it out! can you describe what happened for you? bullet time like in Matrix? :slight_smile:

I guess it takes quite some time reaching your level since you are doing 4 loops of BLU which would make my head explore :smiley: