Main Disc Thread: DIAMOND Ultima


It’s an Ultima. Hybrid only – masked track with embedded ultrasonic. Won’t work as just an ultrasonic. :frowning:


Hmmm too bad i wanted to add it to my night ultrasound playlist. Guess ill have to do it solo.


Anyone else bummed to hear it’s unisex?
I feel like if it’s not for male specific it won’t work as well as it could
Why not make a female version call it the flow or the clamp or smth if you wanna be inclusive
At least it was free lol


What’s better for lasting longer, building stamina specifically? Diamond or SM-U?


No, even though I’m not using this - yet - I think it’s amazing they’re making it unisex considering it works for a woman slightly differently to how it would for a man but still will give great results.

Why would it being unisex delay or result in weakened effects for a man or woman?

What a great thing to be offered for free, this will be well worth the money when it goes on for sale price.


I just read the description for the first time and it’s not what I had in mind when I was reading the comments made by others. Sorry for my comment

Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA – Get Better at Sex Subliminal

Don’t apologise man, it’s all good! A misunderstanding.
I hope you enjoy the product and keep us updated on your experiences with it.


Thanks very much for your prompt response. As we men, normally only focus on the size rather than our performance on making our sexual partner free to express her sexuality with us.
However, always is better to be a Biggus Dickus. Hopefully, Diamond Ultima will enhance this metric.


Do not start this rumor, please. It’s not true. If we didn’t think we could make an effective unisex title, we wouldn’t. From a scripting standpoint, there’s absolutely no reason why we’d need to create two SKUs when the target goal can be achieved with one.


Whilst I don’t exactly need this title yet I’ve just downloaded it based off the excellency (is this a word? :eyes:) that SubClub offers and people’s results/experiences already.

Once I use it and have my own thoughts I’ll update on this thread and my journal.

Thank you for the gift guys, you’re awesome.


You mean “won’t work yet” :wink:


I mean, I don’t need this title right now (or for that matter Sex Mastery U/PSITU), but might as well get it while it’s free (or half off) and keep it in storage for when the time comes


That’s exactly my plans. I don’t need any of them at the moment as the sexual area isn’t something I dive into much the way that most people do but when I do, and I plan to this year, these three will definitely be part of my playlist. Until then though, I’ll continue to read everyone’s experiences.


Same. Got 'em. Not using them yet. But glad to have them in the toolbox.


My thoughts exactly.


My appraisal: definitely does what it says it does :wink: I’ve tried several runs of it and when it kicks in I start noticing the change in the muscles around the perineum shifting to generating more presence to that downward moving energy.


11min in and I’m sleepy, must be the reconciliation but at the same time it’s working as described. Can’t wait to see what happens when I see any of my girls.


I´ve done 1 loop/day since release.

My partner has initiated sex several times the last days, which is odd at this time a year.
I think something is going on in the aura or something. She even woke me up in the middle of the night for some wrestling.

The effect is as advertised. It stiffen up things and the sex feels better!


I have noticed, my sex drive have increased


Can we get moar experiencez plz?