Main Disc Thread: DIAMOND Ultima


I used it over night one night, in the middle of a no fap streak.
Very next day I relapsed twice… Oh man! i felt the sensetivity come back.

But now it’s off, until i get my fapping habit under control

Today i had the urge to watch porn, but the same sensetivity wasn’t there. (haven’t heard it after that night)


Probably wait until the classic 90 day period is over?


What were the detrimental negative symptoms?



@mecharc perhaps buy DR that might help ?


I was considering… But I have finally gotten into a consistent flow with my Stack…don’t wanna mess with it


You need to replace all those lost nitrients that was lost via sperm.


I read the link you posted, it seems that you may have a similar condition as the gentleman in that.
And that normal means of restoration won’t be sufficient. You could also try Paragon Ultima.


Yeah I noticed that upon reading over it again.

How I see it is that once upon a time it was all just thoughts and feelings, that over time became belifes that manifested into a physical condition that changed me at a biological level (obviously all unconsiouse). Of course, when it gets to that level, it is more challenging to change (or so I believe). I suppose it is the same as how easier it is to prevent belifes from forming by becoming aware of your internal thought patterns waaay before they manifest into the external whereby they have built up waaay too much momentum.

I suppose I can just see it the same as any manifestation. But based on my belifes about it from multitude of angles, I know it would require an unraveling of belifes that can take time. But yeah based on the above, Paragon Ultima is an option for sure. I am fortunate that semen retention helps me feel ‘normal’ though, so praise be.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried that approach to no avail.


You body and brain chemistry needs exactly 7 days to recover after sex/Masturbation.
Eat sprouts / grow them yourself / its the cheapest and most valuable living food you can eat
Eat pumpkin seeds for zink restoration, a good fulvic acid supplement and a full spectrum vitamin/mineral supplement

Symptoms are gone in 1 day


if the root cause of it was in beliefs then developed a physiological effect, its highly likely the resolution can be in belief as well. The mentality and therefore the neurology that led to the hormonal/biological cascade that effected you this way may or may not be directly reversible in the sense of going back, but a ‘new’ biological response could be inundated via belief/ neurology.


Diamond Report:

So, I’ve had DIAMOND as my optional Ultima in my stack (AscensionQ x2, RegenerationQ/Mind’s EyeQ x2 and DIAMOND once per day

I have listened to diamond perhaps a total of 4 times and damn, son!

THIS subliminal, in case anyone wants proof these audios work for them, can be the proof in the pudding for ya!

Things I’ve noticed:

More full erections, throughout my tower, from base to steeple.

Increased sex drive and arousal levels and feelings.

More attunement to sexual energy going through my body.

I just finished having sex, and I didn’t get light headed after I came, which has been a repeat occurrence for awhile now, and all that is different is Ascension and DIAMOND. I’m inclined to thank the latter.

Sex is better as well. The increase in sensitivity is slight but noticeable. I don’t masturbate anymore except rarely so I can’t review from a PMO standing, but I do believe that this will do well for those healing from desensitization. I feel the sensation of shower water on my business more I noticed.

Quite distracting.

Now that blood flow is optimized, I do notice a difference in flaccid and erect size, the former being definitely noticeable. As my girl was bowing and paying homage before my monument a bit ago, I also noticed my increase in size based upon the point of reference of her hand placed upon the shrine. Though it could already be christened ‘Vector’ due to its direction and magnitude, this was an ego booster for sure.

I have listened to Sex Mastery before as well, but I don’t think my girlfriend gave the glowing review she just gave when I was listening to that one.

So in all in all, I’m pleased with the free subliminal/Christmas gift.

P.S. I picked up the other two that were discounted because they were cheap, but idk if I’ll be using either anytime soon.

Anyways, thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire, as well as the contributors in the shadows!


Your word play is so ninja. Loved the review, @Ninjistic


I’m glad of the results :slight_smile:

I hope Paragon is working well for you, I haven’t caught up on your journal since it came out and I can only assume you’re using it :smiley:


@Ninjistic, do you think Mind’s Eye helps with this verbal creativity,
or is dirty talk a Diamond effect too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart

Me thinks it’s just a Sagittarius thing in general :thinking: at least, that’s the way I see it in my… Mind’s Eye.

'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart

Oh, by the way @Simon, two things.

You commented on my headphones question a bit ago, so this may interest you, but those Jlabs I posted work for Ultima apparently.

And also, could you link me to one of your posts where you advise others of that technique where you write down your limiting beliefs to help dissolve them? I can’t find it and would greatly appreciate it!


This was the original Simon’s Instructions post. Click to expand or go to the link.

AzrielLight EmperorQ

Awesome, I was programmed in childhood to always do what S.I.M.O.N. says.


Cool review dude!
I wonder if there’s affs for Testosterone boost included in the Diamond sub. Did you combine it with the SXM X2 / Q?