Main Disc Thread: DIAMOND Ultima


That’s a good idea and one I considered, however I wanna run DIAMOND as my sole Ultima for a bit before adding SMU/Q


Bow and Monument are underground stations here, both found thrust deep in a tube…

Best review so far, keep it up!


Yes keep it UP





Polishing my wizened staff.

Milking my cruel snake.

Slurping my baby venom.

Demonstrating an oral fascination of the “penile” system.

Taking the Black Pearl into Davy Jone’s locker via the maw of the Kraken.

And so on.


Thank you for clarifying. Was she more enthusiastic than usual?


Hmmm, yes definitely. But that is also probably because I made dinner, which I rarely do lol.

As I was bringing her the plate, she told me to drop my pants, gave me some quality head and asked me to smash.


Lol. Dude, how can u trace this to the sub? Sounds like she was in a natural mood…nevertheless keep it up


Because I know based off of past experience with her, awareness of my body, awareness of her reactions before, during and after sex and basing these things off of how I felt before DIAMOND and comparison to yesterday with the last time I had sex, last week I think.

Mindfulness, in other words.


You forgot to make Starters. She improvised. :blush:


I’m glad this has worked well for you.


Diamond ducking works and Dragon has helped immensly to boot it. 2 full loops in a day as a break from DR. Shit you not has carried over. Had female company and let’s say I was the goddamn energizer bunny. May listen like a loop a day for now on.


Been using this near daily since release. Feedback so far (from a single man in lockdowns perspective):

-It just plain works. The most noticeable effect is an increased sensitivity throughout the whole body, not just the cock and balls. All touch feels better.

-The increased sensitivity leads to increased horniness.

-Erections are much harder. I struggle with erectile dysfunction, not in the case that I cant’ get hard, but erections can sometimes only be at like 60-70% hardness. After a loop of this, the erection strength is consistently at 90-95%. I still haven’t hit 100% yet, but I think with this sub it’s just a matter of time.

-There is a warm sensation in my chest and the rest of my body seems to loosen up while listening. Muscles around the pelvic floor / anus areas seem to loosen up in a way that I’m not able to achieve consciously.

-There’s a feeling of some kind of aura. I get the feeling of heat throughout the body. It’s like a more toned down and less intense version of Libertine’s aura. I’d be interested to know what the difference in effect is, I haven’t been able to test it at all due to lock down.

-There’s an increased awareness of the dickus when walking around, which makes my walk change from baseline. More conscious of the fact it’s down there, swinging around, sweeping the floors as I stroll (I wish)

-The effects last a couple of days with just 1 loop

-Results are much better if in a calorie surplus. I’ve been in a deficit lately and it’s negatively impacting my erection quality, but there is still a general 20% improvement when listening to this.

-Can be quite surprisingly tiring, but seems to be getting less so with time so that may just be an initial thing that passes as you adapt

-If you’re doing some form of NoFap, this will test your will power big time. The urge to touch yourself is strong cuz it feels so good. If you don’t have good dick control, you might find yourself busting a nut faster than usual, so that’s something to be conscious of for sexy time.


Yeah despite the fact I’ve been jacking it to porn 8 times a day I can still perform amazingly. Also had a mild case of ED but goddamn it was non existent. And even after cumming I’m ready to go in like 2-3 minutes each time 5 times. And than after the 5th every 5-10 minutes. This was like this for 6 hours. Also it probably was this way because I’ve been listening to DR ST 1 consistently. But yeah I ducking love this sub


Interesting. Thanks for mentioning this.


Well, I mean… that’s exactly what it is, haha. A toned down version of Libertine’s aura that’s designed to heighten the sexual experience. :wink:


Does this mean this make a dude get to the finish line way too fast? :thinking:I hope someone who has used it a few times would clarify.


Not for me. I felt I had control over it.


Diamond is like a Snake Charmer. ‘Nuff said :wink:


or perhaps a