Main Disc Thread: DIAMOND Ultima


Nope. You really think we’d leave out scripting to prevent this from happening?


Of course not! You’ll last longer and the experience is going to be more fun. I found myself taking action that would enhance that aspect. Such as being driven to doing Kegels and other exercises and tools. Furthermore, I started adding Zinc rich foods such as Sunflower Seeds, however, that could be from another masculinity enhancing subliminal. They all work seem to bleeds into one another if that makes sense to you.


Great to know! :grinning:


JESUS, what did you put into this sub…

Immediately after I read Saiyan4Blue amazing story, I decided to run my first loop of Diamond Ultima. I went to bed immediately after the one loop finished.


I woke up, and needed a minute to realize WTF just happened.

My dreams were so incredibly vivid, it was like I lived in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE. The dream time itself felt like at least 10 hours, whereas what I experienced felt around 1 month of living.

So what happened?

First, I somehow contacted aliens, got abducted to a wonderful place, and had some very interesting spiritual conversations, and got shown what is going on behind the veil. Then, I relived some of my childhood but in a very weird way. I was somehow living in a different universe, where my high school “bully”, the guy I constantly fought with, liked me very much and considered me one of his best friends. In real, we were actually friends for a short period of time and in the dream I basically lived and experienced with him, what would have happened when we would have stayed friends without all that crap that happened between us.
And then I had the most amazing sex dream in my entire life. I have had sex dreams in the past, but I am telling, this was one complete new level. So incredible vivid, so “real”, it felt and looked like I literally experience it. And on top of that, my stamina was immense, my sex skills were godlike. My dream girl and I both experienced Ecstasy on earth…

I woke up with the biggest erection in my entire life that stayed there for quite some time. I never took Viagra but this was very close.


Dude, dope!


Insane hahhah
i also used diamond once, before a girl i was dating came to my place.
even tho we didnt have sex in the end, i was hard the entire time while with her and i could feel my sexual energy piercing through her like glass.

im sure if we would have gone that route she would be addicted to me thanks to diamond


With DIAMOND, I can definitely tell that my girlfriend wants me even more than usual, on a different level. I wouldn’t put it as far as craving, but I think the line on the sales page that has to do something with “imprinting” is definitely real.

Also, each time we’ve had sex since I’ve been looping this, I feel a “thrum” in my nether regions afterwards that she said she also feels (she has no idea I listen to this one).



Yeah no you keep going trust me.