Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


LMAO I knew it. Godspeed.


I was waiting for this reply haha.


As I was expecting you to get DR :eyes:

Congratulations tho!


OK. So I did my first loop of D4. Felt pretty light, so ran EQ after a 30 min break. :sweat_smile:

It’s 2 hours since. Not much to report yet, except that I feel happier (smilier?) than usual. :slight_smile:

Edit: And yes, it’s clearly still processing. No more subs for at least 12 hours. :+1:t2:


Can I run the Dragon Reborn Ultima the way I run Elixir, Rebirth and other Ultimas?

And what would ST1 DR be akin to if Khan ST1 tears down your old house to build a skyscraper?


yes but much more vast than Khan st1 because the domain is different

I would not run DRU because it says its limited in scope and suggests going through whole program first. This is what I plan to do and add DRU in 5 months probably.


You may want to think that you can gain a contract 100x more lucrative than the one you are gaining if you run Dragon…

Small price to pay.


When it says stage 1 it will breakdown everything physical does this mean it promotes healing of physical injuries ?


@blackadder - I would love to know more about this. Is the physical healing ramped up in Dragon Reborn compared to Emperor Fitness ST1, Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct and Elixir Ultima? And what about chronic illness?

A part of me want to just jump in and find out.


I can say it works well for that.

For me better than EF

Probably because EF focuses on physical

but chronic pain usually is not a physical thing. It is very rare for it to actually have a physical root.

I am very satisfied with the results I got from this one.

But again, a lot of practices were integrated in order to make it a smooth ride. It was getting tough on the 2nd day lol.


@ALMIGHTY are you saying your experiencing thw physical effects of DR ?


Yes, of course. Since day 1, 2 loops in.


@ALMIGHTY - that’s excellent to hear! Have you experienced any healing of genetic diseases (incase you have any)? Or any illness you had for a long time? You don’t need to give personal details if you don’t want to.


Hey man

Genetic disease depends how you define, no obv ones that are Called by avg person / medical science in the west to be genetic disease so nothing there that I can share

illnesses, chronic pain only and lack of energy etc

probably combined with my knowledge and the other subs I’m listening to past days I’m finding extremely powerful ways to heal it massively. I must say. But since day 1 I noticed things getting better without me doing anything like my posture improving instantly as I journaled about, things came up. Then I decided to do a massive healing process because it was kinda egging me on to go do that, and that’s when I did it.

So yeah, I’m sure just running it on its own is a beast as well. Also Fire told me he doesn’t recommend mixing modalities unless we know how they affect each part of the being, but I do it because I trust my inner intelligence on this and I know it’s ll working towards the same thing After all our consciousness (and the unconscious also) is the one doing everything the sub is just helping, the other practices also are just guiding it. So one can trust it all I think.

Anyways, DR Is a great sub. Just not sure who is ready for it. I showed a picture to Brandon. Looks like it was not enough to deter him though =) my bed was filled with pieces of paper, in an attempt to make sense of life and things that have happened and heal anything that needed healing. There is still more left but ya. It was a huge success. And now it’s just getting better and better. I am documenting a lot of concepts and practices because I know I’ll make this into some comprehensive system some day (hopefully soon) that will change the world for the better.

Subclub is doing such a great job. I am really glad I became a customer. Really glad I can somehow contribute also, I dont know how much but I plan to do it and I hope it’ll help others here as well. even if a tiny bit.

Hope this helps!

TL;DR yes illnesses improving no info about genetic ones unfortunately but I think also yes because some of my healing the other night went into the realm of ‘past life healing’ pretty intuitively and I had never done this before.


I really appreciate the detailed response, @ALMIGHTY.

Alright! Am sold! Will purchase Dragon Reborn at the end of this month. Will be finishing a month of EmperorQ + Power Can Corrupt by then.


The way it sounds it would be like bombing your old house and building a brand new utopia on top of it lol.


Oh Yeah, this is exactly what I’m thinking of doing for next year. I’m a bit worried about it being too dense, but nothing ventured nothing gained.


@ALMIGHTY thanks so this one should safe running it alongside my Stark Custom. For example 2 loops of Stark T and 2 hours later 2 loops of Reborn.


I am really intrigued by stage 1 if it can do what it says rebuild you emotionally and physically then it will be my next sub to purchase.


Yes should be because for me it’s been good

Btu agan, as I said it was very tough and I ended up doing a process to fix shit through my WHOLE life. So… by no means easy

but ‘should be fine’ because I’m doing great :smiley: I recommend having some ways of dealign with things tho if you enter it, but I guess if you dont have those things in place, those processes, etc, or network of people who can help, my guess is DR on its own will also help you break through the barriers just maybe requires more time.

This is based on my experience. I just mean to say it was by no means easy, 2 days in I ended up doing this. Because it was egging me on and on.