Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


You are very welcome

GG man

I somehow also just feel like it’s right for you (just a hunch/intuition but I’ve learnt to trust those more and more)


So, to answer my own questions…

I can say the D4 certainly contains both of these. :sunny: :slight_smile:


I think DR ST1 contains Discordia Deliverance too.


I think it’s fair to say the The Elixir is almost a precursor to Dragon Reborn. At least it feels like it is.


It feels like a complement for me. Sometimes I run it. Feels good.


I completely agree. I ran it last night before bed and I feel good today.


Rebirth also feels great. Limit destroyer I gotta give a try again ;)!


Really tempted to get Dragon Reborn to run with my customized Accession subliminal which is more focused on wealth and personal power.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of my dyspraxia and improve my situational awareness for a long time, and am not sure whether I have to focus on healing of the nervous system through QL or physical healing, since I’ve had problems fully relaxing my whole life.

Not to say I get more body aches these days as I age.


I just want to give King credit for remembering that old statement by Saint.

For a while now people have been asking if Khan St1 is a complete healing of everything. To which the answer was that the ST1’s of the programs healed only that which needed to be healed in order to advance the goals of the program. So people started thinking about running the ST1’s of every multi-stage to get a complete healing.

Enter the Dragon. This would go looking specifically for things to heal. Not just things preventing you from getting wealthy or having great relationships, awesome sex or a genius mind, but all of the above. Like the other multi-stages, ST1 looks to heal things that would help with the goals of the sub. But since the sub’s goal is complete healing, ST1 makes no distinction. Like a body in a fasted state, it will look for anything broken and heal it.

So… breaking down the house and instead of building a skyscraper filled with business offices and bachelor pads, it build an Arcology that improves the entire society living there? :slight_smile:




Some of those sound like they’d make a great medieval fantasy novel.

I translated my Dragon journal title to Latin so it wouldn’t be in that list even though it contains the word “dragon”. :slight_smile:

But I’ll be subtitling it later, I came up with a nice second title.



How has the Dragon Reborn Ultima panned out for everyone ?


I asked Fire if Dragon Reborn contains similar neural healing to quantum limitless stage 1, and he said yes, but for the full learning capacity use quantum limitless


Hopefully it hasn’t, since Saint clearly indicates you should get through the non-Ultima DR first before even considering running the Ultima, since the Ultima is DR ST4 at Ultima levels.

Although I don’t exclude the possibility that there are people that think “Hey, it’s an Ultima, you run those at the beginning of your stack, right?” and proceed to put the Ultima at the start followed by ST1, that would invalidate the warranty on their brain.


I would be more worried about wasting my time and not getting results than actually anything adverse happening tbh. It does say it is more narrow in its scope and its best to run the whole program first. So you can count on it that’s what I’m doing =)


1st loop in. The obvious effect i noticed is the self correcting aspect of the sub. When a fear pops up you automatically coach yourself how to deal with it without unneccessary panic or worry


That is good to hear. Given that I have a lot of fears, maybe DR will help me with dealing with them.


LOLOL! Too funny!


That’s exactly the stack Saint recommended I run.