Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Like which modules does DR contain – and in which stages. :smile:

"Hey Fire, Does this have Discordia Deliverance? Asclepius?" :hugs:


Wow that threw a wrench into my custom healing plans😂

@SaintSovereign will all 4 stages be added to the Q store soon for name embedding?

And if so - is it smart to create a masculine healing custom based around Dragon Reborn Stage 1, Ascension and Primal? (It seems like Dragon is more comprehensive than Regeneration.)

Then use it for let’s say 3 months… then switching the stage 1 in the custom for stage 2 and again go for 3 months (while repeating the process for the last two stages)?


I guarantee is has Harmonic Singularity :slight_smile:


And for the first time ever, the next generation of this question…

"Does Dragon ULTIMA contain Joy of Living? and Blue Skies?" :joy:


In a way, I prefer not to do know what makes up the dish.

The less my conscious mind can interfere the better perhaps


Looks good to pair this with khan stage 1…what u guys think?


Hm I think it should be plenty on its own (and enough) unless you want Khan elements of course.


I agree - it seems like this is an all-around healing sub


some body wants to get on the dragon wagon :slight_smile:

For realz though if Khan 1 loop is your max for the day, I don’t know how adding what looks like possibly the worst recon/hardest sub to run I’ve seen yet will fair.

The recommendation in the copy is to run Emperor or equally ‘challenging’ sub as a precursor lol


Thats it lol u scared me @Azriel
Im sticking to khan stage 1 :muscle:


Let’s observe if the regular program hoppers jump on board this latest sub …loooool


This sub is wonderful

I feel my posture getting better, injuries coming up and dissipating, breathing deeper and better (also into old injured areas - Long story but the gut area is a place where there is vast potential for healing and vast tension often), etc.

I have been feeling the need for this quite some time.

Still hoping it wasn’t a waste I put a few healing modules in my custom tho :3 but according to a very wise man this is just going to make it more intense/not redundant. So I hope so. Either way, this is a dope sub. I know it may not be easy at times but often what is most worthy of doing isn’t the easy way. I think it’ll be a great way to advance.

Anyways, I want to say it’s instantly noticeable - 3 loops in (and last for the day) I feel much better than I have in months/years (esp with regards to my body - eg my head feels like it’s getting more blood flowing in and out again - and other things similar to this which I’ve had issues with due to some unfortunate events - which are now going to be resolved 100%)

PS I know It will bring hard times too probably, but this is a great sneak peek. + I’m sure it’ll bring much better Times too esp as one grows.


Just reading the stage one description is intimidating, lol. I’m running EmperorQ like you have/did and I’m intimated to start this without at least 3 more months of EQ. :sweat_smile: I’ve been running Emperor almost 3 months now


I hope you journal your further experience with DR!


I really have to yeah… damn I can give so much back

I will really start setting aside time to do this.

Just let me take care of a few things first… and get my shit in order (often as we are growing life can get messy. this has been happening with me esp as I try to balance work + studies + personal growth + relationship + hobbies)

But I’ll really work to get on top of it, because I think I can give a lot to this community and I see how much people here are willing to and have been willing to give to others (including myself)

It’s a very chill community

And the products they release are :fire:

Anyways, will do brother =)!


Missed this thread as I thought was someone else’s journal with a another fancy title for healing. Anyway, will have a look at Dragon Reborn.


Which stage did you play?


ST1, I start with ST1 and go a month each


And @raphael is traveling too. :hugs:


Lets observe those that post irrelevant things on this thread also…