Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Ahem… you mean the Early Adopters, the Adventurers, the Experimenters, and the Reviewers. :blush:


I prefer the term hopportunists

(hop/ hopper+opportunist for those who haven’t run QL…or haven’t acquired a taste for bad jokes)


Does the term include the hoʻoponopono practitioners?


it’s not official yet but ho’pefully the c’on hopon-on board too


What if I’m not?


you likely not notice the powerful purifying flames of Dragon Fire coursing through your body
but…you will likely still reap it’s effects.


I wonder if this sub has similar neural healing like Quantum Limitless Stage 1
@SaintSovereign ?


I’ve always willing to volunteer to be a guinea pig for those people who say they can transfer energy over a distance.

So far, all those reiki practitioners and energy healers have disappointed me.

Come on, they can set my belly on fire if they are the real deal.

I guess I have to count on Sub Club subliminals for this.


you may be someone who doesn’t feel but is still effected but certain subtler phenomena.
You clearly get something out of the subs here, unless you just really enjoy the forum.

Do you consider yourself a skeptical person? and if so did it come before or after-the experience of things not working for you?


This sounds amazing.

I’ve been running Khan for around 3 weeks and stacked that with Quantum Limitless for the last week or so.

I think it is a no brainer to run a sub like this during lockdown, even though I like my current stack.

I havn’t really experienced any bad reconciliation on Khan, so could I add this to Khan and take out QL?


I’m reborn already. Still an ENTP though. :smile:


that new avatar just blew my mind. It’s like your a different person :smile:

I’m being asked by the forum to let others join the conversation as I’ve taken up 23% of the replies.
We need something like this for real time social dynamics.


I dub thee Captain Stark Sparrow


More probably the latter. Though I’ve been trying hard to be sensitive to energy but I think I am still a the base level of Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs and need to focus on more practical stuff at the moment.

I trust this forum and Sub Club because the producers don’t peddle woo-woo stuff, which I have had enough of over the past 15 years.

Plus, I do enjoy this forum. The users here are all knowledgeable and I learn a lot from all of you.


I thought you were replying to @mecharc. The colours look similar.




yes, the colors, and angle fooled me for a second two, my immediate though was @mecharc has purchased DR run a loop and has been reborn -1 second later I realized it was @Simon in disguise


It may be virtual but this feels really good. lol
I gotta get back on stage.


So this is akin to Rebirth+Regeneration+Khan minus the wealth, status and romance?


Two so far i see lol