Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


@Voytek Just for you I will run Elixir before bed


Thanks. You may be also interested in reading this before going to sleep:


Anyone else seem to feel like doing nothing on DR ST1?


Yes, I felt it for some time. Like IDGAF about what I’m doing right now and about the consequences of doing nothing really productive.


Yes. I have posted about waking up and not wanting to do anything almost daily. Sometimes I get curious if this is some internal rebellion about being made by society to feel obligated to do so much.


That’s exactly why I’m using Executive. I’m in the mood of just lounging and passing the time doing nothing. Gives me time to think if I maybe should embrace it, at least during my time with ST1


I’ve been that way with Limitless Executive . Ten minutes or fifteen minutes in and its " I’ve got shit to get done "


I’ve literally been doing nothing but playing Call of Duty and sleeping the past couple of days - I don’t want to do anything but at the same time I’m super bored.


Dude you sound like me


I’ve been feeling it the past few days, especially with lockdown. Like literally I just want to lounge, rest, do nothing but play CoD/watch TV and sleep but then at the same time I’m bored as hell.


It’s got to be some sort of internal thing going on with Dragon Reborn


@Hoppa explaining how I feel to a T.


Im being lazy but ever ran carpe diem ascended or joie de vivre?i find those 2 modules help with this feeling.weirdly enough only got that in st1,st4 is actually motivating instead.


I’ve ran Carpe Diem Ascended in my TMB Wealth custom but not in anything else, I did feel some kind of motivation and energy when I ran that but I don’t have it in my stack at the moment.


Ah,ok.i had it in my healing custom that i was running together with dr.think this part of the module helped alot with motivation/the feeling of boredom.cause it invigorates the joy of doing stuff

Some other powerful effects include immense satisfaction whenever you achieve something (even something as simple as cleaning or eating well) and the amazing love for life you will develop.


I really thought there was something going on with me specifically lately. Though the act of nothingness still isn’t that great it makes me feel better knowing that this is an effect of DR.

@Malkuth hit the mark.


@JCast this is an AWESOME theory. Now the next step is to run DREAMS and ask my subconscious what it thinks of this.



I also feel bored with DR 1 but i think we not bored we just not being controled by emotional baggage and societal programming. We becoming more and more relaxed and non reactive. It could also mean that our negative programme that we have been running for years is slowly losing power over our minds. The sales page also says that our energy will be cleansed…so i assume that boredom is from missing our emotinally wrecked selves.


Y’know, now I feel more at home seeing that I’m not the only one trying to sit on my couch all day.


That’s what I experienced in St1 and I’m experiencing now doing St2.