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Obviously, this is a sign that Dragon Reborn is poking you to do something constructive instead of visiting those useless websites as you’re now becoming aware of. Instead, think about what you want out of life, whatever that may be, and make sure to stay fixated on that goal – and let me give you a hint, do what you love and you will prosper quickly.

Seems Dragon Fire is working really well at communicating that what you’re spending time on is useless and not important – you’ll experience reconciliation up until you switch your focus to something that attracts growth in your life.

@JCast, you need a game-plan or at least a definitive vision of what you want out of life – once you do, you want to create a masterplan on how to achieve it and go after it with full conviction and belief.

“Dragon Fire will also help you become immune to future conditioning from your environment and others, while helping you increase your sensitivity to positive subliminal influence.” – taken from the Dragon Fire description on the sales page, @SaintSovereign or @Fire can any of you please confirm whether this useful piece of scripting is also contained within Dragon Blood and Dragon Flight?


This makes a lot of sense to be honest.
I notice that I’m getting irritated by doing the same repetitive things again.

Today I decided to go out for a bike ride with my dog and not just sit in the house and play Call of Duty all day.

This is something I also need.


A bit of fresh air is always good for you, dont become a prisoner in you own home


I love how @Hermit just unapologetic-ly just lays it out :joy:

The phrase ‘precision is love’ comes to mind.

it’s like ’ there’s the path…walk’


Thank you. If you found something more about Healing which interested you, please, post it in here.
I’m reading “The Body Keeps the Score Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” now. It’s really well written.


I’ve added three more to my list:


All I remember from my last dream was that “bookkeeping” was involved.




That and not to be distracted by meaningless things. I have to admit I am curious at times how I let myself get sucked into so many unnecessary things. The need to do something constructive and productive will come. A lot of us Dragons have expressed similar desire to do very little to nothing while on stage one. Somehow I still manage to get what I need to done.
I think a lot of what I’m feeling is reconciliation from being so programmed into a mental and emotional void for my entire life. Allowing the trauma and toxicity define me .

I feel like some of that is already taking place and strengthens the longer I listen.


I still have this feeling on Stage 2 though. Maybe it’s nudging me like Hermit mentioned.


Dragon Reborn feels like a punk rock punch to the face of everything that has been holding us back


I agree, at times I see it as a kick in the balls, which opens the eyes a lot. Recently DR gave me a intense experience that in the end, teached me that I have nothing to fear about it. There’s no longer reason to hold back to do what I seek.
And if I have to repeat the very same situation, I’m confident to do it again, compared to two days ago.
To confront the fear or worst case scenario, live it, and conquer it.

DR’s one hell of a mentor.


I think that’s what a lot of us are feeling which is why boredom and not wanting to do anything is so prevalent. Our subconscious is saying " fuck this shit I’m out". It no longer wants to do what it’s been made or programmed to believe it had to do out of some misguided obligation , shame , or guilt.


I am really not feeling it lately. Just feel like watching my shows, sleeping earlier than usual (but also waking up earlier than usual). Putting myself away from using most forms of online communication—except for work and these forums. Maybe I’ll run Executive tomorrow to counter this.


What Dragon Reborn does


Shift your attention away from what you’re bored of, and look to what you’re being called towards.

Dragon will make you want to pursue goals – actively.
Those Goals and your Plans must be simultaneously Authentic (you Love it) AND non-Naive (incorporates how the real world works).

Stop treating it as a passive healing sub. :slight_smile:

King's Subliminal Journey
Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan

Clarity , declutter, minimalism, and freedom. That’s what’s calling me. What can be done simply. Not saying without maximum effort but to take up as little space as possible if that makes sense? I crave organization. Open space. For my sanity and so my cat can run around like a fluffy maniac. Tired of being drained by emotional and physical hoarders.


I’m studying Reality Transurfing after passing over it for more than a decade. :wink:


I looked it up. Sounds fascinating.
@SubliminalUser may want to check it out being a fan of Goddard


@JCast way ahead of you there. I read the whole thing a few years ago!