Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


different mechanism of healing than regeneration, likely has elements of rebirth, and I AM purge of khan except for everything not just the execution of the Khan script. I don’t think looking to compare it to previous programs or modules would do it justice.

The sum total of this is much much more than that all those in probably just in stage 1. There is also physical healing, spiritually healing, future protection from negative programming, increase in positive subliminal influence, vision, perspective etc


Aah. I thought I got a totally original avatar. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I guess I should use the Simon cartoon instead! :thinking:


I do miss the Simon Cowell pic.


@SaintSovereign @Fire eternally grateful for the title. All the best of wishes to you and all you care about.

You should use the original Simon mask picture.


This is too tempting and the timing is way to good not to try this. I’ll give shot together with Khan and see how it goes.

My initial plan is to run Khan st 1 for 60 more days with Dragon Reborn st. 1 for the first 30 days and then st. 2 for the next 30 days.

Then I’ll run Khan st 2 with Dragon Reborn st. 3 and st. 4 in a similar way.

Looking forward to report back.


would have bought this title if I had emotions.


oh well nevermind have a nice day


You cold-blooded?


You did, don’t let the extraordinary pattern recognition of @King and mine take away from this.


ENTP with Fi(introverted feeling) Trickster.
never really sure of how I feel.
Good/bad feature depending on the context
quite bad in this context


Just recently i was just thinking to myself there’s no multi stage healing sub smh spoke too soon
Congrats subclub you guys did it again


Instant buy


Review for us please


Just about to finish my first loop.

I’ve experienced a few minor spasms in my upper body, but otherwise nothing noteworthy has happened yet, but I don’t think that is the goal either.

I’ll create a journal.


Oh boy this is powerful
I create a journal for that
Exactly what I thought RegenerationQ should do


Exactly what i was thinking.

Fortunately, I do take a peek at the forums now and then. But still, I appreciate the shoutout.

Since am smack in the middle of my Emperor journey right now, I will delay this one to later. Either for December or January 2021 (an excellent xmas/new year gift to myself and what better way to go about doing the “new year, new you” thingy than to start Dragon Reborn.

@SaintSovereign, @Fire - Such an an awesome multistage concept and execution. Was totally unprepared for this level of production. Love the product title and box art too. Now that I think about it, Subclub subliminal boxart do give me the feeling that am purchasing gaming CDs in their boxes from the local software vendor.

Question: how much level of physical heating is put into this. Would love to hear more about that aspect.


@WhiteTiger are you buying this ?


I’m wondering if it heals shiny objects syndrome… :wink:


Oh, my bad… I should have posted it in here. Thanks. :sunglasses:


Before starting my journey with Elixir+Regeneration I was sure I didn’t need any healing yet that stack helped me deal with two major traumas of my life and made me more grounded.

The question is; how would I know if DR is the right sub for me?
It seems to me to be a sub for someone who’s severely damaged on the emotional and mental level. Someone who has had a really fucked up life and could not embrace themselves on those levels. Sorry, if I sound harsh or impolite.