Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Several members know of it; RT has been mentioned a few times on this forum before.


I’m in an odd place with that, and I must say that it started on the custom I was on before DE. I’m no longer frantically trying to do what I was before, and recognize that my life’s calling might not be what I thought it was. The thing is that I have not the slightest idea of where to go from here. Oddly I don’t feel distressed about this, but I am kind of lost. DR might be kind of giving us a pause to reflect and reorient in the early stages, and the boredom might be reconciliation related to that in that.


Maybe you’ve heard of this man?

Leo Babauta.

I haven’t actually started getting into his stuff yet, but my sister shared with me about him years ago and I recognized his quality. (And I support him on Patreon!)

Here he is in conversation with Tim Ferriss. Haven’t listened to this yet either! :rofl: Just haven’t had the time and bandwidth yet. But I figure it probably gives a good overview to his work, since Ferriss’ interviews always do that.

and of course, if you’re interested in declutter, minimalism, paring down. Marie Kondo. I think she got very popular in the States in the past couple of years due to a Netflix show, that I also haven’t watched.

There’s an interview.

Here’s one of her books:


All this talk about DR making people bored…

I cant listen to youtube music anymore…i even tried searching new songs etc…no not entertaining me anymore. What the hell!
I hate dirt and mess.
Last night my friend called me to talk about some unimportant things i told him that please dont talk the same things we used to talk last year.


@Malkuth I haven’t read the Tidy Up book but I do read the Zen Habits site at times.
@Simon I am listening to the Reality Transurfing audiobook I found on YouTube. Feels like it’s meant to go with Dragon Reborn


You know @JCast has changed when he starts listening to an audiobook about this kind of stuff.


@Simon Did say to stop treating Dragon Reborn as a passive healing sub so I’m going to get going


Just came up with my game plan for tomorrow to do more than “nothing.” Among the tools used are Executive and a reduced loop count for DR—probably ultrasonic only to reduce the immediate effect. Going to be working out after waking up at 6 AM

I ran DREAMS again today because I do want to ask myself in my dreams what’s going on. Dragon, perhaps you can activate the lucid dreaming ability hidden within me? :smiley:


A book @Malkuth recommended would be $11.11 :joy::grinning:


If any of you who have been talking about cleaning/tidying up and have Nettlix there’s a thing on there called The Minimalists - Less Is Now - I found it yesterday. Going to give that a watch today at some point. I watched the trailer and it looks great for us Dragons.


That’s crazy. I didn’t notice that one. hahaha. :rofl: So technically it belongs to you.


According to the book “The Body Keeps the Score Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma", healing traumas is strongly related to physical well-being and regaining the balance in your body.

Therefore, I’ve decided to stack DR St3 and St4 with Paragon and see how it goes.


Also, the book mentions (I lost the picture, damn it!) that any effective psychological/emotional healing should include healing of the relationships with the most significant ones but with people in general too. I hope DR includes that element or @SaintSovereign and @Fire could enrich the script with it one day.


Been noticing some teeth grinding on DR…any one else?
DR detaches one from this world.


Sort of what seems to be the overall theme of Reality Transurfing that @Simon and @SubliminalUser user and I were discussing


@Simon @SubliminalUser From what I have read and listened to so far it seems like the perfect stack for wealth as it relates to Reality Transurfing would be Dragon Reborn, Limit Destroyer Ultima , and EOG .


Wont it be super dense…or one would need to ease into it.
Maybe EOG for a month then add DR and after another month add LDU.


It was an observation. If anything I am seriously considering running LDU with DR but not all three.


It’s possible. Depends on the person.

Stacking G4 & D4 can be a great plan, especially as G4 does not contain healing, and D4 helps maintain focus/orientation on long term goals (eliminates distractions & conflicts).

7 weeks into D4 though, I don’t see myself using Dragon that way.
I’m actually stopping it for now; it has been a fruitful experiment, as it refined my goals & strategy. But it is not a necessary sub for achieving my goals for Q1-Q2 of 2021.

I am considering playing DRU 2-3 times a week. It’s benefits are yet to be tested.


What is G4? Do you mean EOG4?