Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Yes, I tend to abbreviate the multi-stagers that way.


Like discussed over the last couple of days I feel that internal conflict brought on by Stage One is what’s causing so many of us to have zero desire to do anything. People here have expanded on that but it says a lot about how powerful Dragon Reborn is.
In the past I have listened to subliminals that would have a temporary effect on me in terms of focus or prioritization but this is something else entirely. The longer I run Dragon Reborn the more I realize and accept that there is no going back


Agreed. DR’s impact does have a permanence feel to it. Unlike anything else before. :ok_hand:t2:


Feels like it wipe out your old paradigm and you on a clean slate now.
And thats the reason many are not experiencing reconcilliation.


Brings me back to what you posted previously about not making any specific or concrete plans until one is rum Dragon Reborn in its entirety.
Someone made a comment on this forum a few days ago about my age , the music I listen to, and how that’s a reflection of why my life isn’t the way I want it to be. I would argue that it’s very difficult to find anyone who is 100% content with their life. I feel that Dragon Reborn is helping and maybe forcibly removing that which has held us back and opened our perception or perspective in ways we were oblivious to prior
To quote William Blake which is where The Doors got their band name not the Huxley book

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”


I wasn’t intending on turning this into a philosophical discussion


Maybe it’s another sign of how much I’m changing but it blows my mind how we have allowed ourselves to be defined but things that either are completely meaningless or not in our best interests


After reading your response to that comment, I was going to post this:


The style of your response spoke more eloquently of your emotional maturity than any number of words typed in a post could have.


I’m hoping you meant that as a compliment


I’ve wondered if our energies are being selectively directed to what is necessary and what needs healing.

Just think how your issues feel.

I’ve been noticing this more too.

I’ve found Executive an excellent measure.

What he said.


Doesn’t it feel liberating to say that?

@Malkuth Be Here Now by Ram Dass?


A beloved classic


It’s not that we use it as a passive sub for healing, but I noticed if you take your time or actively work towards something DR will bring whatever issue you need to work on, no matter how you use the sub.

Been taking my time with it recently and brought me to my face one of my biggest issues and had to live them. Glad that’s over now.


This worked today.


My guess is that DR does work as a passive sub for healing…though it may not be fun. It wouldn’t work if we consciously thought about and was concerned with absolutely nothing or had nothing going on subconsciously but that doesn’t fit the general case.

Anyway, I’m letting myself be a little lazy before sleeping early again. A bit more deserved, and I’m also going to make use of the optimal window for human growth hormone (great for workout recovery). Tomorrow I may start switching back to regular sleep.

Anyone else running Dreams with DR?


Do you guys think DR is a good subliminal for getting over an ex?


It might accentuate the pain at first, then it will be healed.


Thank you for your answer! Glad to hear that!


Of course you have to take appropriate action.
If you cling to old memories they will never go away.
Release them with the help of the sub.


I noticed earlier outside of the desire to not do a whole lot I am losing any reason to prove or explain myself to anyone.


There are some things that when you lose them, it’s a good thing.