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I’ve actually started my journey of making money from product photography since running DR.


“I am being reborn.”


Oh man, that’s awesome to know! Soon we will be two on the same journey. I’ll do my effort to earn my own wealth and in doing something that I prefer. And stacking a wealth program’s gonna be better!
Are you stacking DR?

Hmm, I’m not so sure though. My phone’s a budget one so the lighting’s below average and mediocre quality. Besides I do prefer working with a good camera. Although thanks for the tip, I could use my phone as a backup when I get myself a more luxurious one.


Yes I am stacking DR with Mogul for now until the end of this month at least. My long term goal is to provide a service combining product photography, e-commerce, image SEO and maybe web development.

I just have a prospect who is confirming a deal with his client. It might be small money this time round if I win this job, but it is money much needed and a good start towards something bigger.


Try to outsource/ hire someone to do it as soon as possible, so you can concentrate on getting more clients. Systemize your business from the beginning.

Once you have a service to sell, put 80% of your effort into learning to sell your service till your sales are $1m+.

Read Ready, Fire, Aim to understand the mindset.

Edit. Another good one for learning business fundamentals: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It


Heard great things and just put this in my amazon cart,
it doesn’t have a kindle version which I don’t understand though.



It’s also on Scribd as an audiobook. No idea why there isn’t an ebook available.


If I’m correct Masterson owns or is the head of AWAI which is a freelance writing school


Many… a few include my hypnosis work (I have trained in that quite thoroughly), energy work, and my personal spiritual practices, journaling, etc etc etc. Personal development and growth is one of the few things my life is dedicated to… so of course I dont just rely on subs, and even in that I dont listen just to this sub.

How about you btw?


DR st2 now, because a month past. In a week onto ST3.

DR and Paragon, and the customs with 6 major program cores in them which I am loving so much. + PCC now. Much as I hate PC I love PCC :smiley:



Journaling. Meditation.




I can do energy work on you if you want (for free). If you are interested let me know (not trying to promote, it’s just a free gift so…) - And thanks for the help you offered me in helping in picking the right modules for the custom I’ll always remember that

Btw, also learnt some remote viewing after asking about it from you but my results were terrible, although a couple times also scary accurate in one way and pretty off in another. It is very ineresting.


It’s shocking how little I want to do…just sit around, watch shows and exist.


How I feel to a T.
That’s why I’m switching out Stark for a week to Emperor to see if I take more action and get stuff done.

DR mixed with Stark, for me - not necessarily anyone else, makes me so care free that I don’t want to do anything but play CoD and watch TV - I already procrastinate so much.


Executive doesn’t help?


This has the potential to make things worse if the plan is not well-defined ahead of time. I found Executive to help on the weekdays, but only during working hours. I am very hesitant to run it on weekends. The last time I ran it when there wasn’t a well defined action plan, I did NOT feel good.


I actually got more done than I thought I would today. Even with my introspective and philosophical ramblings on here .


Not as much as I want it to. I’m procrastinating more than ever.


I think that’ll stop once you find your why again.

Hang in there and seek and it’s yours