Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


I do appreciate the offer. Perhaps as a substitute you could do energy work to end starvation. Ample food for all. Ample pure drinkable water for all. Yes, I’m serious.

Would you please say more? Who/where did you learn it?

Unfortunately, I do occasionally have a disappointing session. Belief in oneself and the process. Fatigue. Poorly wording the session task, objective, or cue. These are common reasons for poor sessions.

As for scary sessions, I’m still not used to the times I look at my results and then open the envelope and I’m freaking out with a rush of euphoria because I was so right.


Idea: Rest days.


I guess on the flip side there’s zero doubt that DR is working


Very true. It’s still difficult to want to navigate or think about any long term plans because I have no idea how much I will have changed by the time this journey is done


Awfully true. I’m just doing the few things I find interesting right now.

I feel like a lot of people can benefit from running DR. Perhaps then they wouldn’t switch subs or create a dozen customs before getting to the one they need lol


One of my favorite bands in an interview described their music as " sonic waterboarding " . Right now I feel that description could be applied to Dragon Reborn in that is what this program will do to your baggage and trauma


One thing I’m asking of the Dragon to do is to remove the identity of one who needs healing and to go beyond the ‘healing trap.’ Lest I get stuck in the feeling of needing to heal for the rest of my life and continuously delaying other stuff because of it.


@SubliminalUser Understandable. The longer I run Stage One the more I feel I have let unnecessary fear , insecurity, and immaturity rule my life for decades. Even though some may not agree with it , it might be fun to run Ascension and maybe even Godlike Masculinity Ultima. Not at this moment but in the future


Ascension might be nice to run for a month to quickly get up to speed. Imagine running Ascension after all the updates arrive. It’s not a bad idea with how light and affordable it is.


@SaintSovereign what would happen if someone stacked Ascension with DR? Would Ascension get drowned out by DR’s scripting? What listening ratio would be needed for Ascension to work?


@SaintSovereign I’m really curious about this as well


I’m running Mogul along with DR and I definitely see Mogul at work and, of course, DR as well.


That’s because you’re awesome


I’ve got DR combined with Emperor, and so far, most of what I’m noticing seems to be coming from DR. There might be things that I’m not noticing, and Emp might really kick in once St. 1’s work is close to complete.


Yeah, I know. Thanks anyway. :heart_eyes:


What are you seeing happen? I just bought Mogul for my stack. Please add to my journal so I don’t derail the thread.


When reconciliation hits, you must absolutely make sure to NEVERTHELESS do the work. I know it is tough. And I fail at it much more often than I want to. But when you fight against it and take action no matter, the reconciliation will quickly fade because now you proved your subconscious one step at a time that you are ALIGNED with the scripting.


Running Dragon ST3: Dragon Flight feels like Reality Transurfing to me (or should I say Reality Tranflight? haha! Possible that DR ST4 will be more Reality Transurfing than ST3 too


I’m incredibly curious if Dragon Reborn has any scripting for self awareness? You would almost think so by default because self awareness and mental and emotional maturity often go together or at least you would think they do.
Dragon Reborn is just crazy in how it changes you. Yeah I’m still bored a lot and very often I don’t want to do anything but I have also lost that desire or need to censor myself or not be who I am just to make others happy or avoid conflict. I have made myself depressingly miserable just to please someone else. I did a lot of things to try to fit in and I have no idea why because I was always happier doing my own thing .


I should probably point out that although I don’t censor myself I am intentionally thoughtful in how I word things.