Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


I switched to ShereKhan Airlines. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


LOLLL :grin::grin::grin:


Right now I’m being patient and letting the inner work continue and let it manifest naturally outwardly rather than trying to force anything


That’s a very good point. It probably does have it. Along with oodles of self-acceptance

It’s a mixture of thinking “this is just impossible!” and “anything is possible!”

Was feeling depressed whether I was pleasing others or not. Now, I can feel happy being me and making others happy in a way that doesn’t make me change myself


Big yes to that!


This is the way.

I found that even one loop has a significant effect on my willingness to be productive.


I couldn’t help myself.


You got it! :smiley:


which stage are you talking about?


ST1. Lesson learned: don’t run DR during working hours


DR 1 makes me zoned out. Like a zombie state.


Has anybody else heard a dragon’s roar in their mind? It’s happened a couple times to me


I think you’re confusing a roar with a yawn. At least in my case


That made crack up :joy:


I experienced that on StarkT once. I got recon in the form of social anxiety but when I forced myself and overcame it I felt the power of the sub. Another time I got recon in the same form on StarkT and HoM but I couldn’t fight it off (actually, I didn’t even try since it hit me strong) and I felt miserable.


Sure Can Airlines?


Yea, I’m thinking to run this such that the last loop is close to bedtime.


Sure Can sure works too. :ok_hand:t2: :smile:

I was referring to the Head of Khan Industries. :slight_smile: :tiger:


oh yes DR stage 1 is a night night sub


Why do you say that?