Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima



He’s ruthless with his executive assssistantssss


you don’t follow?
you said you don’t run DR during works hours because it effects your willingness to be productive
I’m saying its a night time sub for me because it effects my willingness to be productive as well.


Great. Also, one thing I noticed about this thread is it has gotten so many comments so quickly compared to other main disc threads. Anyone wager a guess as to why that is?


Because @Jcast and @Voytek joined the Dragon Brotherhood. :smile:


Yea that’s true. I also attribute it to that there are many people talking about DR here but don’t necessarily have journals on them (like myself for now).

HMM…Is it a coincidence that my favorite show to watch recently has been Dragon Ball? I just realized this.


no idea really but if I had to guess it would be the following

  1. A lot of people are running DR-healing appeals to people in pain, people looking to optimize for the long term, and people who want a little extra ease in dealing with some difficult issues while they run their stack, so it’s pretty universal and much needed.I’d say more people are running DR now than other main title

  2. It’s not exactly clear what it does, how it works, or how its effecting people. So there looking to explore their experience in relation to others, what’s normal, what can be expected, what’s the best way to really use the sub etc

  3. It’s a multi-stage so people want to know when to move on, when to stay, and what to expect.

and that lol


My whole life philosophy is based on Dragon Ball Z for the better or for the worse.

The goal is to continually power up and ideally slow time down as much as possible while I do it.


Including after death. :innocent:


it didn’t start with this life time, no reason it should end with it :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed that we can run a name-embedded version of DR soon.


Not true, I just like teasing @SubliminalUser, that’s the real reason. :heart_eyes:

But he never succumbs to it… :disappointed_relieved:


Yes you are right…i did that last night. Was abke to fall into a deep sleep. I had a dream cant rember much just thay it was about a snake and i killed it.
Running DR in the day makes me dizzy.


I’ve gotten some pretty interesting dreams with DR, I have to admit. Gotta write these down.

@pacman this is an amazing year. For the both of us.


Only now im thinking of it that i had an exteme fear of snakes from a small kid. I once had a dream when i was a small kid and still remember it now…a snake was trying to hurt me in that dream. I have never forgotten that dream throughout my life.

Yes you are right and for everyone as well.

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan

Writing continues to amaze me in how useful it is for healing as well as making certain kinds of thoughts and next steps in terms of actions apparent. It’s weird. Even though I might be thinking of the thought in my mind, typing it down seems to transform it—I feel it more real, or I feel it more apparently dumb (which helps sometimes when getting rid of dumb limiting beliefs). Any thoughts on this @SaintSovereign? Does anyone know if there’s a formal discussion around this phenomenon?


this may help with your snake fears


I didn’t have any… till now! Thanks a million!


Sorry if this was already answered here but if DR is a healing and clearing sub then why is it recommended for newcomers to do subs like ascension then emperor? Would it not make more sense to do DR? fully first and then move on?


Because most people don’t even realize they need healing at first and will resist trying it. The other subs have more immediate, tangible effects.


I’m guilty of that aswell your honor. Glad to enter that path at last!