Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


This ^

And for those who’ve used Dragon Reborn comprehensively, what’s been the major difference between Stage One and Two?


It’s been making a world of a difference for me. DR ST 1 has been wonderful


I still don’t feel anything, but that’s been the same with EoG and Emperor too.

I’m now running DR2 + EmpQ + HOM. Decided to try stacking for the first time.


Running this solo starting today. Will run Elixir once a day, too.

Once I get to St4, I will start running the DR Ultima, as per official recommendations.


Anyone have observations on DR Ultima and what it can do for the user?


It’s a perfect combo to me too. How is it going so far?


Don’t really know. Started yesterday. And I still don’t feel the subs. So I’ll have to tell you in a few months time :smiley:.


I’m really curious how EQ and QL would fit together for more independent thought. I still feel running BLU made me aware more than anything how much of an introvert I am. Not necessarily misanthropic. Well maybe a little
@Voytek @Hoppa


I don’t get that feeling from you.

But then again, maybe I am one too :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean by independent thought?


Critical thinking. Not being so easily swayed or influenced. Seeing through deception easier or understanding the underlying causes and mechanics of how things work.


It’s there. Just not obvious


@Hoppa Of the many things I have learned from the pandemic and quarantine is how I really don’t miss a lot of things like I thought I would and that a lot of people base friendships more on what you can do for them than anything else


That’s weird. Not real friends. More like a transaction.


Exactly. Sadly too many of my relationships have been like that. Even family. And people wonder why I am such an introvert


I’ve been lucky with my childhood friends. We are still close. And no one expects anything out of each other. Just people you can trust and enjoy spending time with.

And if you actually do need help with something, they help without expecting anything in return.


Yes, people often want to be friends with people who can “add value to their lives”.

How one perceives value is a different thing altogether.

Sadly, even the self-help industry encourages this.


Another exerpt about the importance of relationships in healing traumas. DR should have that component and strong:


@Voytek I have given up on repairing my relationships with my biological family. Toxic as fuck. I can work on the trauma with Dragon Reborn but I can’t be a part of that ever again no matter how much it hurts


Whoever are you talking about?? How Dare You!