Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Actually, it’s not about reconnecting with the people who caused your trauma but about (re)connecting with people in general as being traumatized put you into solitude and social isolation. I think DR should orient you towards connecting with people, being more social. People dealing with traumas always suffer from social anxiety to some degree and we need people (their smiles, touch, good words) to heal our wounds, therefore, focusing on (re)connecting with people helps deal with traumas a lot.


Naw that’s called being an introvert


Not when you’re overwhelmed by your solitude. Not when being socially isolated is not your conscious choice.


Just an update.

I watched a home make over show.
10 minutes after it finished I spent 2 hours tidying and cleaning the kitchen.

Emperor has kicked in and made me take action on me wanting to clean and tidy up which was definitely an outcome of DR.

It’s now 5am.


New result from DR stage 1

I have a phobia of trains and elevators/ maybe claustrophobia?
I had to take both for years, but every time start getting an adrenaline rush and panic of getting stuck. I had to use these so much it just became part of my life to fucking hate those commutes or quick rides up but I put up with it.

I mostly stopped trains and elevators when my city shut down with covid but still had to take them a few times before DR- and definitely felt stronger and less effected but still containing some real anxiety/adrenaline

I didn’t even notice this until today-I’ve been taking train and elevators the last few weeks much more often and I not only had no concern or panic, I didn’t think anything of it. This is definitely DR stage 1


All Right Man! I’ve noticed a similar distinct reduction in my fear and paranoia about being in crowded places like grocery stores.


that’s awesome!-- yeah I was surprised by this, especially the smoothness of it. I’m really excited for stage 2 but may run stage 1 for 3 months.


I’m doing three months per stage myself. There is no hurry.


For me it just so happens that running each stage for two months means that Stage 4 is occurring around the time I’m expected to be working back at the office (which is my consideration for “end of the pandemic”)


How long have you been running DR ST1?


Since November 25th


I do not feel comfortable sharing where I learnt it, but I guess you can RV to find out.

And energy work to end starvation and bring ample food for all sounds nice, but I think you can see it’s quite different from doing energy work on once person to improve their life. You know what I mean?


I don’t know much about energy work. So I don’t know what might be possible.


As I’ve said before, if SubClub releases a Kyballion based sub, that will be the one to immediately change my stack.


Would really love something like that as well.

They could create a new line of products that would work on the same principles of PCC – Subliminal Books :smiley: Imagine if they would also expand into other fields such as Scientific Principles, Laws of Arithmetic, Physics, Music, Acting, Coding, Engineering, Medicine and so on. That would propel them into even greater heights than they currently are in the Subliminal Industry. So many possibilities. I am excited just thinking about it. Beyond our limits :rocket:


We already have Alchemist.


Which is a multi stage program, and while it is one I will run in the future, having a single title based on the Kyballion would be cool.


Ah OK, valid point then yes


I’d definitely like to see Slight of Mouth get the PCC treatment in the near future.