Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Nah, you are mistaken about that last bit.

We are ALL traumatized. Plus this isn’t just to heal you from a fucked up life, it’s also pushing you to go further and discover your unique greatness.

You know if it’s the right sub for you if it speaks to you and, probably, if you have some experience with subs that are ‘difficult to run’ such as Emperor, Khan, etc.


I know there are no people free of… the touch of evil, you name it but there are many degrees of it and that’s what I was referring to. But yes, good point, it’s also about self-discovery. It offers also a better susceptibility to the subs in general but I’ve always been susceptible to any kind of programming. I must admit the sub looks very appealing to me but it costs a lot of time I could invest in some other sub and I have no clue how to gauge if I need it. I don’t want to leave it to my desires.


I dont think you should do it. I have personally run most of the subs here, and some of the toughest including emperor and Khan. The warnings on this one seem pretty serious. Not interested in fear-mongering, but if you are feeling like you aren’t sure about it, maybe it’s best to wait and run something that you think is worth more for you at this point and come to it later.

For me it was an instant decision because I KNEW I need this and was thinking about it especially past few days (literally last night again this thought came to mind again).


I just bought my custom healing Ultima hahaha.

Also, I’ll be honest mate, I don’t think I want to jump into a 4 month minumum journey focused only on healing. First of all it would be hard as fuck. Second of all, I am already having trouble doing one month of healing without having some subliminal pushing myself to grow…

I am not ready yet to embark in such a journey!

Commentarii Draconis (AKA Trial by Fire)


I looked at this and thought it would be perfect but it bought me back to our conversation yesterday about how Khan Stage 1 and 2 really made us feel a certain way and that we are finally moving forward (in a good way).

I’m also not ready to embark on the journey but I may buy it so I have it for when I’m ready.


I definitely want this but after the way Khan has made me feel after just dropping Stage 2 I’m not ready at all.

The healing is brutal as fuck and I can’t even imagine how this one would be. Maybe I’ll start my New Year off with this and work towards building myself up that way.

It’s an incredibly exciting title by the sounds of it but the thought of a 4 month journey of healing terrifies me right now.

Good luck to those who do run it. Please tag me in your journals - I’d love to read them.


I’ll create a journal later today.

Will run st 1 of Khan together with st 1 and 2 of this, so that will probably be pretty rough at times.


Not yet. Don’t want to start it in the middle of the week.
Will load up ST4 in the weekend. :wink:

Besides I use Alchemist for the job that DR-3 is designed for – and I’m stacking it right now.
Will have to stop it for at least 3 days, or risk muddling my movie trailer. :smile:


You’re right, I could go back to it anytime if needed.

Will you be running DR then?


You can never get enough healing. Dragon Reborn is more than “healing” though. It’s more like a rebirth + complete restoration. After I finish testing Primarch, I think I’m giving DR a run myself.

DR goes much deeper than Khan’s Total Breakdown. Not because Khan is a “weaker” title, but its aim is much different than DR’s.

Of course. :wink:

Most likely ST4. But @Fire will have to clarify. DR is exceptionally powerful and hits very deep. You can see in the copy that Fire recommends not even attempting a run unless you already have some experience with our titles – preferably the healing ones. I feel like DR will work best when you’ve already gotten yourself out of the darkness and now you have the mental and spiritual capacity to address even deeper issues.

Uh. I dunno about that, rofl. Might be a bit too much. Remember, don’t try to brute force your subconscious into submission.


It’s up to you. All of our subs link together, but this one seems like it could be tough to run. Godspeed.

Good choice. Stick with Khan ST1 a bit longer, even if you feel


Guys this program is the strongest healing sub I ever experienced.
Don’t mix
Its fucking powerfull


Feel free to share your experience with us here…


(copying for emphasis)


Thanks for the answer. This will probably be my last chance in the forseeable future to run a healing sub, since I know how my brain works when things open up again.

My plan was to follow this daily routine:

At night during sleep:
1 x Khan
2 x Dragon Reborn

Throughout the day:
1 x Khan
1 x Custom Ultima (will arrive within a few days)
1 x Dragon Reborn

I know this stuff is highly individual, but do you (and anyone else) think I would benefit more from just running Dragon Reborn plus my Custom Ultima for the next 4 months, and then jump back to Khan?


@SaintSovereign @Fire
Want to know if there will be a multistage relationship sub in the pipeline?
(Even though there are other sub that can do something like this)

How long was dragon reborn in development if you dont mind me asking?

Are we going to get multistages with ultimas from now on?



Don’t ‘hedge your bets’ by running both programs. Commit fully to this one program.

It is not only a ‘healing’ program. It is a metamorphosis program.

When a caterpillar emerges from its chrysalis, its cocoon, it is a different animal. Its goals, its activities, even its diet and its living environment–all are now changed somewhat.

So, if you are going to engage in this kind of a process, engage it fully and, for a time at least, lay down the tasks and projects that have consumed you. Treat this Dragon Reborn as a kind of retreat, a kind of transformative cocoon. Enter into it and give yourself time to see what feels most relevant when you emerge. It may be that returning to Khan is indeed even more compelling than it was before. Even still, the energy you bring to it will be changed and upgraded.

This is my intuitive opinion, of course. But I think that carrying Khan into Dragon Reborn would be like bringing a security blanket.


whitetiger does have a point this product is kill or cure. Just make sure you have done at least khan stage 1 for 2 months before embarking on this product or it may cripple you.


My sense is that if you are going to pair this program with something else, that should be 1) some form of private journaling or some other way of reflecting on who you are and what’s happening in your life, and 2) experiencing situations, actions, people, etc., in your real life. Explore who you are by actually doing things and paying attention to yourself being in your life. See what in you is trying to change and how things are affecting you. And then bring those observations and feelings back to the subliminal, to give it more material to work with.


Thank you very much for your answer.

This is actually the opposite of my intention. I want to make the next couple of months as difficult/challenging for me as possible, since I’m working from home anyway and allowed very limited social contact.


Just purchased. New journal coming later today