Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


sounds like that might do the trick. and that’s just the first stage. :wink:


goosebumps, man.


I’m excited. I didn’t see this coming


This looks great. I’ll buy it when name embedding becomes available for major titles.


Thank you @SaintSovereign. I understand better now. Running it, and will continue for next 4 months - alongside the 2 customs and some stacking modules/ultimas.

Also, would you please check your DMs regarding the custom? There is something I brought up which I think is worth a mention because of time - I didn’t want it to get lost in sea of DMs you may be receiving.

Thank you :pray:


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This seems like such a comprehensive program, I have high hopes you could benefit from this tremendously.


Yes it does. I have no doubt this will benefit me tremendously.


James i am looking for to your experiences using this one.


Looking forward to reading about your experience with this killer product.


Let Kahn aside until you can say for sure you can Handel DR.
DR Diggs very deep, so give it 2-3 weeks a solo shot and then see if you can ad Kahn back in.

I do the same.
It workt super super good with Regeneration Q.
But DR is 5-8time stronger in my opinion

Ps: I did the mistake to mix 3 healing cores in one of my custom subs. Very nasty ride. Since then I am a Frend of letting one sub bloom :wink:


I can comfortably say I’m not ready for this. But I like it. Looks like the final push to completely shatter everything that holds you back.


This is probably one of the most useful data points to determine whether one is ready for DR or not.

I myself deem myself not ready. Will go ahead with my healing the alpha custom in Q-version. Maybe go for DR in a year so.

Glad though that SC keeps putting out tremendous products that test my wallet-stays-in-the-pocket willpower :slight_smile:


I won’t buy this. Until I became the Masculine Man!

I’m not sorry Dragon Reborn!


This does indeed look like an amazing program. I will probably pick it up in December. I’ve been running Elixir U since Nov 1 and would like to run it the whole month. Also I’m ~20 posts away from reaching my next SubClub Elite level. So with my regular journal posts and a few other posts here and there, that’ll put me over the edge just before December. Looking forward to see the results from early adopters though :slight_smile:


Would be dope if all multi-stage programs came with Stage 4 Ultima of program.


My thoughts exactly. I’m sure somehow they’ll be updated to whatever the newest tech is that gives even more to us.

SubClub never fails us.


I should have a badge for it hahaha!


@SaintSovereign @Fire Thank you so much for this. I have never been even a bit nervous running a SubClub audio but Dragon Reborn gives me a tinge of anxiety. Not a bad thing. More excited for the possibilities and freedom


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