Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Can i run this if i have rich experience in running subs but low experience in sc subs?


you definitely could but I wouldn’t

I think Subclub is very unique in the fact that they manifest extreme challenges at times for your growth. I didn’t see this with other producers. So, while you can experiment I’d suggest you start with something easier to run as they have suggested. The warnings on this one seem pretty clear and even more drastic than any other titles.

Emperor was okay, Khan was traumatic at times, depressing at other times, pure glorious in the end. So… it might be tough. You certainly can do it but I wouldn’t recommend it personally, with best intentions for you. But if your intuition says go for it, maybe you should :wink:


You’ve ran Khan?


Yes I have, otherwise I wouldn’t say it would I :smiley:

I really love it.


True, I’m sorry aha, it’s because I looked at your join date - don’t want to derail the thread but can I tag you in my Khan journey? Would love your thoughts and opinions on what I’m going through currently. I’d love to know what you loved about it too.

I’d agree with @ALMIGHTY - definitely not one to be experiencing as one of your first subs with SubClub.


With that said however, in regards to the thread.

I’m super excited to see people’s journals on this compared to the healing in Khan and all the other healing people are doing at the moment.

That warning sign scares me and makes me hesitant to try this, even for when I am ready.


Of course, anytime!

yeah, I joined quite late compared to when my journey began. Any help I can offer would be more than happy to. It was a lovely sub to run but some parts (eg ST2 was something).


what are you stacking Alchemist with?

You will jump to Stage 4 for movie trailer? :sunglasses: let us know what you see in the previews

love the new avatar


I’m a bit curious as to the modules if any make up Dragon Reborn


In a way, however if you want the full learning benefits, Quantum Limitless or Limitless is the way to go.

Hmm… Yes, but I recommend first finishing the stage that you want to use in a custom, or if you are good at following and dealing with your inner state combined with previous experience on Emperor or any other of our harder subliminals.


I am strongly considering DR, as I first read of it today.

I’ll sleep on it.


@SaintSovereign Can I run Elixir alongside Dragon Reborn or no?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I’m trying to read between the lines… is Dragon Reborn stage 4 a combination of its previous stages . . . as in analogous to how Emperor Fitness stage 4 combines its previous stages?


Stark for Physical / Outer Game
Alchemist for Non-Physical / Inner Game


I will post something for sure. But I expect Dragon to be Super Subjective, like Alchemist.
Each user’s experience may be completely unique to them.

Super Rabbit will be here only for a day though. :innocent:


Which lines make you suspect that it may not be so?

@Fire, about when can we expect the Hero release to surprise us? :slight_smile:


In fairness, I went back to reread this because I thought the same thing as you (that it would be self-explanatory). But unifying the three and combining them are not necessarily the same thing. It is most likely the case, as is the case with every other st4 in other multistages (saving whichever ones don’t incorporate st1 healing like Khan st4). But it’s not AS clear in this sales copy


Killer combo
have you successfully and sustainably been able to stack 3 or more Q programs as of yet?

I get a lot out of objectifying people’s subjective experience :sunglasses:


AzrielLight EmperorQ
AzrielLight EmperorQ

@SaintSovereign @Fire - please answer this. What level of physical healing does Dragon Reborn have? I read the sales page over and over again and I got the sense that this would give me the best chance of healing on a physical level compared to Elixir Ultima or Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct or Emperor Fitness ST1.

I would like to use a physical healing subliminal title for a while to compliment my other allopathic healing practices and before I dedicate my time to it, I would like to know a bit more.

Without health, everything else is secondary and it will always bothers me once in a while.


Obviously not who you ideally want to answer this, but from what I can tell, and what others have said so far, this looks like the most powerful healing physically, and the emotional and spiritual healing will likely assist the physical as well. Elixir is also potent, from experience, and no reason this can’t be run with that.


@Azriel - yeah, most likely it is. Just asking since I want to feel reassured especially since my issues irritate me when they get in the way of normal daily functioning. Also incase Subclub in planning to make another title solely for physical healing, then I would wait for that instead of starting this one.


Has Elixir helped at all with you/some of your physical issues?