Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


@Azriel - i think so. But this is something more difficult to calculate especially when it comes to vision and hearing.


How does this relate to suggestibility overall, especially regarding hypnosis?

What is blocked, what is strengthened?

“Dragon Fire will also help you become immune to future conditioning from your environment and others, while helping you increase your sensitivity to positive subliminal influence.”


If i ever buy this i would have to stack it with stark as i cannot afford to fall into severe reconciliation. The side effects might be loosing this well paid contract i currently have with a client. This is what scares me !


I would think anyone wanting to be the absolute best version of themselves as cliche as that sounds, would want to run and take their time with this


James i concur with you its just right now is probably the worst time to run a healing program for me. I do have skeletons in the past that I want to get get rid off but at the expense of loosing this lucrative contract i have to say no at this stage.


That’s the wording I noticed too. Hence the question.


As you await @SaintSovereign or @Fire to answer, you could also read about Serum X and Asclepius at the Q store.


@RVconsultant - yes, I could either create a Q Custom or Ultima Custom involving Asclepius, Serum X, etc or try Dragon Reborn. Am hoping to know more about the physical healing they put into DR. It looks promising.


I think you are wise to wait for an answer about physical healing and DR. There is also the option of a custom subliminal with DR (stage ?), Serum X, Asclepius, etc… Personally, I’m waiting for DR to show up in the custom store and then decide.


I get a strongly positive feeling about this program. And an equally clear feeling that now is not the time, and that I’ll run it later.

Right now I’m in Phase 1 of my overall subliminal plan. I think the right time for running Dragon Reborn would be when my Phase 1 plans have come to fruition. Run Dragon Reborn and then move to Phase 2. And then run Dragon Reborn again, and move to Phase 3. And so on.


Regarding running elixir with DR, the sales page says this

You might ask - what is the difference between Dragon Reborn and titles such as Regeneration, Rebirth, and Elixir? The difference is in the approach. Each has a specific way of healing you and helping you let go of trauma… and each method can and should be used.


While I like what DR does and it’s also the reason I made my custom Ultima, I’ll avoid jumping ship to:

  1. Still go ahead and make sure my custom stack finishes my current development and

  2. Wait until name-embedded customs are standard with each purchase to get that much of a greater effect.


I hopped from EmpQ experimental to this one.

I feel like my beliefs about money were taken care of by EoG and Emp.

Now is the time for me to get rid of all the rest of the limiting beliefs.

Funny thing is that I was looking into releasing etc. just the day before this was released and all the “keywords” that I read about were on the sales page of Dragon Reborn. Namely healing on all the different levels: spiritual, mental and physical. There were some other stuff too which I can’t remember now.

Took it as a sign and now I will dedicate myself to this.

My plan: Listen to DR. Learn some techniques of “releasing” to supplement it. Keep a hand written journal.

For that last part I got a phone with a stylus (S Pen), as earlier I did not feel comfortable writing all the f*cked up thoughts on paper where anyone could read them. So this was a way to remove that mental block.


Damn this is going to be a fascinating journey for sure


I pulled the trigger.

I listened to my first loop over an hour ago, and I followed an internal nudge and am listening to a second loop now. Slept during the first loop


I’m excited for you brother! You adding this to your existing journal?

Edit: Just saw you made a new one. Reading now.


For optimizing the effectiveness for future subs run after, what would be better to run (or run first) Alchemist or Dragon Reborn?


Is dragon reborn ultima only 54.93 MB? Or is there something wrong with my download. It also has bitrate of 128kbps. Can anyone cross check? Thanks.


I believe both are of powerful calibre. Alchemist is more about developing spirituality vs DR is removing limiting beliefs spiritually (and more). Two different goals, two different subliminals. As far as your question is concerned, DR would be more suitable for that.


I think this idea is worth considering. Keep thinking, @Azriel , it’s a good contribution!