Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima


Dragon Reborn first because Alchemist is coming from a higher place only.
The more groud/foundation work you have done the easy-er it is to go high😁

Solid ground work first and then you can build up from there. And it will hold :wink:

I never witnessed a building crafted first with the top


You can do either

Some of the things I got from alchemist are helping me massively enhance the healing and make it much faster and more effective

Also DR is extremely challenging; Alchemist is not

I think better start with Alchemist if you’re gonna start with one of those (as your first sub)


great points all, thanks!

Alchemist seems much more than developing spirituality in a typical sense. It is causing effectiveness in movement in ways I didn’t expect in just stage 1, it has the potential to be spiritual in a high or esoteric sense, but it clearly lays a foundation in energetic structure, purification, will power, manifesting ability etc that is making everything else I run more effective. But more than that, it’s creating a connection of the dots between points in my life and resolving long standing value conflicts. It also is starting to ‘solve’ other issues that nothing else, even healing have solved. It is improving my physical healing or improving the ability of other subs to cause physical healing etc. After seeing how it adds effectiveness and vsiceral context to my stack I was curious if Dragon Reborn would have a similar or even more effective effect.


I am certain it would

but for me personally it has triggered a process which was uncomfortable at first

As I speak I have spent… last night and pretty much whole day today working through things that have come up, going through my whole life to take care of things.

It won’t be easy at all for most to run… and this is just day 3 for me. Didn’t have any of this with alchemist (thank god because I wouldn’t have been ready for it at the time).



I think this is an answer to your question…

COWolfe ascending (Ascension based custom and universal results enhancement)

just speculation here, but I wonder if reading the description helps us understand blue skies and new beginnings better. Would be interesting to guess what else is in here.


This gets to a really core part of it. The integrative power of Alchemist.


Only @DarkPhilosopher and the Illuminati know


That says Dragon Reborn would make what’s run after better. I’m aware of that and from my understanding Alchemist has a similar effect, hence the question. Just seeing if @Saint had any strong thoughts on it one way or another, but otherwise it doesn’t matter as there is likely not a definitive answer.
@RVconsultant thank you for pointing that out though
and everyone else for your thoughts.


So many missed opportunities for having some lighthearted fun because I was late to the party, so I’ll pick the one I can’t resist…

Skeleton comes out of blackadder’s closet (no, not that kind of coming out of the closet), points a finger at blackadder and says: “I have a bone to pick with you!”

Ah, I crack myself up sometimes… :slight_smile:

They do?! Somebody’s been snitching!

Actually, I never considered Blue to be a healing sub at all.

The original Blue is more what would happen if a mad scientist took Alchemist and Quantum Limitless, sprinkled some of Tinker Bell’s magical fairy dust on it, gave it a very special hug, then strapped it to a table and let it get hit by lightning to bring it to life while chanting “I do believe in subliminals, I do, I do!”

The one in the store has less Quantum (Limitless is still there) and more fairy dust in it, but all in all is probably the more useful one of the two, with the original remaining an interesting experiment with varied results.

But I suppose that just like how Alchemist has definite healing effects, Blue could be as much a healing sub as anything, since it helps you to deal with how you see yourself and your life.

Speaking of Alchemist, I really really like the idea of running DR and Alchemist side by side. It may be pretty heavy, but they would appear to complement each other quite well. I’ll have to think about that…


If I understand this sub correctly, it will break down everything that’s holding me back in any area … without limits. So even money related issues, wealth ceiling, etc.


And that’s why you’re known as the resident mad scientist


I thought I was the evil genius? Hmm, I’ll have to check with Dante, maybe he’s the evil genius and I’m the mad scientist.

You’d figure it’s not hard to know which is which, considering one lives in a dark looming tower, the other inside a mountain. Both have a summer home underwater and possible one in space depending on how successful they’ve been.

Anyway… :slight_smile:

If I do it, I’ll start December 1st, should give me little over a week of Dragon first.


@DarkPhilosopher yes your evil twin brother Dark Dante we know all about him !


{Speculative Post} :thinking:

Beyond the built-in Dragon healing, I’m looking at DR this way:

  1. It can be consciously guided for clearing blockers and gaining clarity towards any goals.

  2. Stacking DR Stages with any major title (both single stagers or fourth stagers) – turns that MP into a Multi-Stage journey.
    :arrow_forward: Emperor Cleanse (EQ+D1)
    :arrow_right: Emperor Unleash (EQ+D2)
    :arrow_right: Emperor Vision (EQ+D3)
    :arrow_right: The Reign of Emperor (EQ+D4/DU)



I was strongly considering this as well. Dragon Reborn seems so intensive but these two do look to complement each other


I have considered doing the same thing but Dragon Reborn with Quantum Limitless.


I’ll be running that stack
Stage 4 cover art


This is interesting as fuck and something I’m going to do.

Buying DR now :joy:.
Thanks for that stage idea.


I woud test DR 3-5 weeks before I stack it with other subs😉