Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


What would be really nice is if this forum had a feature whereby every single user got notified when one of the SubClub admins made a post like this (they have to decide that this kind of message will send a notification to everyone). I know that certain enterprise-type forums have that feature. It would be very useful.


Thank you, appreciate it.


I like the idea. Maybe if it is too complex, one could create a feature that notifies the user when Admins create a new thread. I would love to be up-to-date when new products drop, or there is some other important news without me having to constantly check the forum.


@SaintSovereign Have you seen this news? This was in 2019.

Now I wonder what the Medici descendants had been doing for the past few centuries. I thought they had sunk into oblivion.


I did, our researcher told us about it. Interesting choice of location, too. I’ve also thought about investing in Puerto Rico. I have colleagues there that are begging for us to help them develop businesses.


HoM includes Inner Circle right? There’s something to it that reminds me of it.


Not quite. Similar scripting, but not the actual module. We had to use different scripting to achieve what HoM is attempting to do.


Thanks, there is a part of the scripting present indeed.


I guess House of Medici also helps to train the skills needed for financial modelling? I’m not so much into trading but more into valuing an investment.




That’s the best thing about the House in my view, the other one is building connections/relationships.


Ladies and gents, I have some good news to share.
It’s been the third day with HoM, and boy oh boy.
To begin with, more deals have arrived, workin’ soon on websites for our expansion. (We didn’t consider that until later)

Instead of business proposals that take it’s due time (months of mindless work, then for them companies cancelling because of certain bs reasons), right now they’re concrete.
We even got a demo show next week in trying to sell a product for the last two months,
with complete lack of interest.
With HoM, now we have a demo, and with a local important company.
Even more things are on it’s way, and like Saint said, everything that is now happening that wasn’t present before running a program, is very, very true. Among other things.
I can now help in designing the website! This is really, really promising.


Amazing! I’m looking forward to trying this one at some point soon. :sunglasses:

I do most of the deal making for my company, I’d love for more lucrative ones to roll in!


Does HOM also help if I want to accumulate political power?

Which sub is best for obtaining political power?


Ok, this should be the answer.


You’re in the right place. :wink:


Will there be more Emperor titles coming with in the next few years based off other powerful families or people from history?

Like maybe something based off Cao Cao from the Three kingdoms period


Yes. :slight_smile:


Next few years?

Most can’t wait that long.



Does it need to be an emperor from the history of our galaxy? :nerd_face::rofl: