Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


I’ve had three COMPLETELY lucid dreams in my life,
in one of them, I was 12 years old at the time, I gained Emperor Palpatines electric force power and become the loving king of the the playground.

I would love to get back there :slight_smile:


This chap supposed to be based on a certain US President rather than an Emperor…


So what did you do with those powers in your dream? Did you become a bully?


Cao Cao was a real bad-ass. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore, he was known for being able to recognize talented people but the generals fighting for him often betrayed him.


They could also just make a sub like house of Medici based off the Wei Dynasty.


I remember standing up to the bullies to recreate an ordered existence
between the sandbox and swings,
but I could be looking back with rose colored glasses…
It’s possible I was the Tyrant revealing in his electric power at others expense from an early age.


Or maybe something like Emperor: The Tokugawa Clan.


They were featured in one of my favorite Playstation 2 games ever, Kessen.


Kessen 2 and 3 were my favs lol. Nobunagas story for 3 was pretty cool. He would be an interesting person to feature a sub off.


@SaintSovereign The best Playstation games ever are the God of War series


I learnt about the 3 Kingdoms through the Koei pc games.


Lol I have never played any of those, my fav PS2 game was the socom series and the kessen series.


I built nice gaming rig for most of the games I played. I enjoy modding them. It’s well past time I built another, but I don’t really have time to play so probably for the best. Haven’t seriously played consoles since I was a kid.

Nobunaga, beyond history, just reminds me of Ikémen Sengoku which was such a cash grab for lil story dribbles. All their mobile otomes are like that though.

Just don’t do the Borgias :joy:


Still wondering if there is a subliminal called Crazy Rich Asians coming up.


Will this and stark be a good combo if i was looking to within the next year bring a group of people together to build a e commerce company where we each contribute something. I was thinking Emperor but my plans are pretty big for the future and i have a lot of plans i could use creativity for.

I am running an Emperor custom right now but i am starting to wonder if stark and house of M would fit the bill better overtime.


My new custom is based around Stark + House of medici! :wink:


I just told a friend of mine if I was to build a custom it would be based on the same subs you mentioned. Is it in Terminus? Are you going to write a journal?


Yup, it will be updated in my current journal : Beyond The Sky

Keep in mind that I’ll be running two customs :

  • First one is centered around Stark + HoM + SS
  • Second one is a physical one containing Spartan and Emperor Fitness St4.

I will mainly be running the Stark+HoM based because this is whan I want to developp, the physical one is only to reconnect some part of me that I’ve had challenge with recently : workout intensity, nutrition, motivation, etc. Keep in mind I am still building muscle and progressing, but I want my nutrition to be more “dialed in” and progress a little faster :wink:

So I’ll probable be running 3-4 loop of the first one and 1-2 loops of the second one!


Have you guys considering releasing the module list for this and future subs? E.g. HoM Core + Dynasty + Marketweaver + …


I’ll give it to you

Market Weaver-def.
Transcendental connection-def.
Virtuosa de mathimatica-( I can’t spell) I believe

Amendment-that didn’t answer your question just realized…but those are the modules in HOM I believe for whatever it’s worth.