Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


Hallo everyone.
Today I gave HOM a chance and lisen to 2 loops until Now.
Here what happen :slight_smile:

-I realized that I wasn’t treated well in my childhood/past and couldn’t let a relationship happen because I expected that other will tread me badly again

-I care for the people that are close, friends, people I know from outside very good from now. They are like the flowers in my garden and I water/fertilize them very good from now on

-I can have relationships with everybody I choose and I know I will be the value of the relationship

-I tread people who are for business with respect and let them win with me

-I am ready for Relationships



Is there something for crypto currency in HOM ?


Maybe market weaver if nothing specific.


this sub has so much potential, I feel it. It is so marvelous that I start to notice that I have become way more adept at influencing and connecting with people. Like I am unlimited in my ways to do so and I am still able to remain authentic.

I have always been the social type and connecting has never been a chore but this has just expanded it in ways that slowly begin to unfold me. Can not wait to enlarge my network and social circle even more.

Even my daydreams are different, sometimes I fantasize about lending out money to the government with a hefty interest. (outragously crazy I know) My thoughts are different, I seem to be finding more ways to get money out of situations, more exchanges of value. I am very glad that with this sub because it so much more of me than all the other subs like khan, emperor, stark, s&s. To be fair I did give these subs a shot but it never felt good/blissful to listen to those subs - not on the level of Medici.

Medici is my next level sub, it enhances my skills, I just feel it, I am curious where it will take me - a yeah, I also lost a lot of weight. Not because of the sub but me losing the weight probably causing so much upliftment in me. Feel much stronger now and more outspoken in a way where it is taken well - by most people lol.

Can’t wait to seize more financial opportunities and connect with more people. I look forward to more subs like these!


Have had very meaningful conversations with my family members recently after listening to Medici.

Today I was crying with some of them talking about certain things that needed to be discussed and felt much better afterwards.


Awesome you found such a great fit for you.
I’ve been stacking it to great effect.

Are you running it solo…and how many loops?


Does Emperor: HOM have the anti-procrastination push of Emperor were you felt like you were being picked up by the collar and forced to work?


I’d say less for me, but I haven’t ran medici for long and had lots of insomnia in the few past week so for now I can’t tell!


Less for me but if you want to make it feel more productive I’d suggest stacking it with godlike masculinity.


Thanks, is that what you notice when you stack HOM with godlike masculinity?


I think i better question to ask is what are the differences between Emperor and Emperor:HOM?


Godlike masculinity help you gets productive?


it’s more pull than push. My experience is I’m MUCH more inclined to socially engage
but still highly purposeful. In sales, networking, planning, research, and building business relationships motivation is there, in terms of direct execution, lighting a fire for productivity with whatever you set your mind too, any kind of ‘puppet-ing’ yourself into action-Emperor takes the cake.


Yes, definitely, towards whatever your authentic/current ambition is.


This helps, thanks. White Tiger I don’t have Godlike masculinity.


There massively different,
there both dense in the the sense that they have multiple sub goals to achieve end goal,
HOM being technically denser than Emperor. Here are the biggest difference I’ve noticed

  1. HOM has status like crazy, but not ‘Alpha’ if that makes sense/ Emperor has don’t F with me status/ HOM has I have to know that person status.
  2. HOM has Super-like ability with increased respect socially/ Emperor has massive respect socially with some increase in like-ability
  3. Emperor is freedom driven, -what would create Freedom in every way and on all levels in my life now? Even if I have to say no or walk out on things. HOM has shrewdness and environmental mastery drive.
  4. Emperor is much more sexual/ romantic overtly/ HOM drives how relationships go
  5. Emperor is insane discipline, executive function, will power/ HOM is acting with highest leverage and ease.
  6. Emperor is intelligence and aptitude at learning and new endeavors to achieve targeted goals, big picture thinking for my life/ HOM is intelligence and aptitude and predication, one step a head, anything with numbers, big picture cohesive thinking for systems and less my life personally.


Yes I did.

Godlike masculinity gives me an extra push of motivation and stronger will.

If you want to add a bit of that empire action taking to it then you can even add 1-2 loops of empire a week just to have some of it in your subconscious but it won’t be that much so your mind still focuses more on taking in Medici.

Maybe just a loop of empire on a Monday to get you started for the week and another on Wednesday.

I’ve only started my Medici stack recently and I didn’t notice more productivity or motivation my first week until I started adding godlike masculinity. Don’t get me wrong I got effects from the subliminal the first couple days but the take action push came by adding GM.

It’s also possible that my listening to libertine ultima made me somewhat less productive and by stopping libertine and adding gm I became more productive as a result.

I don’t want to imply Medici doesn’t have an action taking component to it because other variables might have affected my interaction with Medici but I do still notice that combining it with gm helps make me feel more focused and disciplined on productive tasks.


I will add loops to my current stack and see how that works. I have been running HOM and was not feeling the same push to work on tasks as I did with emperor, so I thought maybe I was not running enough loops. Recently, I did increase the number of loops and still did not feel the push I felt with emperor, so I thought I would ask to see if others running this sub had similar results.


The irony of Emperor for me
is that it makes me much better at doing what I don’t want to do
and much more committed to only doing what I want to do.


Thats the best thing a sub could ever do…imo