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Might add 1-2 loops of GLM overnight :wink:


Quick motivation for the House of Medici gang

“It gives me goosebumps to think that more than 2500 years after his death, we know his name, and that he fought so magnificent that people thought he was immortal.”


Medici makes me really conscious of what other people want! I’ve never talked about that, but I can see it so much more clearly now and I’ll need to see more when this applies to life. For now I always seems to get what I want in team projects, but I don’t feel like I really have to convince everybody or something.


Spartan, Survival Instinct, House of Medici Custom with Appollion and Godlike Masculinity, Ares, Leader of Men, = Achilles


I wonder how SI and HOM would combine, in contrast to pcc.


I would guess SI has these elements of pcc already…

  1. Conceal your intentions

  2. Always say less than necessary

  3. Infection: avoid the unhappy and unlucky

  4. Do not build fortresses to protect yourself

  5. Know who you’re dealing with

  6. Play a sucker to catch a sucker

  7. Use surrender tactic

  8. Keep your hands clean

  9. Disdain things you cannot have

  10. Think as you like but behave like others

  11. Never seem too perfect

  12. Assume formlessness

I have actually been running SI and HOM together for about 2 weeks. 1:1 ratio of HOM:SI.

Manifestion was…

  1. Repelled “incompatible” lover through play a sucker to catch a sucker, infection: avoid the unhappy and unlucky and never seem too perfect. Remember reading something in Art of Seduction, never interact with this type of person, their doubt and insecurity will infect you and make you doubt your ability.

  2. Keep your hands clean + Do not build fortresses to protect yourself + Think as you like but behave like others + Infection: avoid the unhappy and unlucky.

Taking steps to be invisible to the fantasies of obsessive citizens and government agents. As well as the transforming the weapon of fear into insights of the world of mediocrity. Re-framing this allows you to only gravitate yourself to like minded individuals, of course the main problem is finding them… Do not build fortresses to protect yourself from like-minded transcendent (HOM) individuals.


Or Perseus slaying one of the most powerful women in mythology and using her power.

In my current view, Perseus/Medusa dichotomy represents a curious parallel to the use of women and their power in advertising products to sell status, IE expensive cars and lifestyles… Except Perseus is banished, yet we accept this happily in modernity. Medusa is being weaponized today, and legitimized as correct.


Is da House in the Q technology?


Yes, I also see this as the more politically correct justified rage at and shaming of men, not necessary intr,intrinsic but often concomitant, with extreme feminism/ political correctness. Any man who engages directly will be rendered ‘petrified’ via social shaming justified by the current cultural narrative.


Yes, every titles are in Q tech except specified otherwise


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Aug 7


I was just thinking, would PCC need to be run alongside this or does this have elements of PCC covered.

Medici has elements of PCC, geared toward the goals of the program. If you want to feel the “full effects,” run PCC as part of a stack. PCC is somewhat “defensive,” while The House of Medici is a more “aggressive” script, so the two didn’t quite gel.


can you say any more about how PCC and HOM don’t gel, will it diminish the effectiveness, or just requires more intentional navigation?

I’ve been running HOM in my stack to good effect, but recently I brokered a connection with millions in business on the fly, based off trust and relationship, and then after had a sinking sense and realized I didn’t get anything in writing ahead of time. This is a really stupid mistake on my part lol but in the spirit of what was happening, waiting to press for or work out legal stuff would have cost a lot of business. I have not been ‘screwed over’ yet and it might be nothing but In light of this I was considering stacking PCC or putting the two together in a custom as my ‘offense’ may be in need of some ‘defense’ Will PCC slow down the capacity of HOM etc?


Would like to know the answer to Azriel his question, if you could answer @SaintSovereign that would be great!

Does PPC jive well with HOM? Will it enhance the development of acquiring power and influence?


From Description of HOM:

“If you’re a trader (day trading or growth investor), salesperson, entrepreneurthis one’s for you. Stacks well with all of our wealth building titles”

Will this stack well with (keep reasonable density)
Mogul Q and Limitless Q in regards to helping me with business other than financial markets?


Interesting, I’d be eager to try this out but before that, may I asked what’s the module running within The House of Medici? In the origins of the Emperor module, we get a rundown of what is within it, and in this what would be it? @SaintSovereign


I ran Medici for a couple of loops when it was first released and @SaintSovereign isn’t joking when he said it’s offense instead of defense like PPC. I had no problem shutting people down.


I found HOM quite dominant. It was much easier to manage my relationship and people were more respectful. I had an impression there was an alpha programming element in it. I played it for 4 days in total only.


I’ve been thinking of getting EQ with Daredevil and PS, but it seems like this might be a better candidate for me, based on your observations. I’m not sure if adding PS to EQ and HoM would be beneficial or too much.


I have found, stacking creates a smoother, as in subtler but still there, but fuller overall effect, but if one is looking for results and fast the less the better. EQ and HOM would be more than enough for a satisfactory dating life, you can add Libertine for some extra sauce as needed. But if your looking to full out ‘game’ or be sleeping around a ton proactively-PS


How about stacking EQ and HOM in 10-module custom in Terminus.

Do you think that will work fast?


Yes, I think that would work fast especially if some or most of those modules were results enhancers or similar to what you’ve run in the past.

For fastest consistent results I would run it exactly as mentioned for running single stage title. 1 loop 1x a day for 5 days/ 2 days off 2 loops every other day for 5 days/ 2 days off etc… I believe is anyone is running Terminus over 3 loops a day they are costing themselves a ton of results, I may even say 2. It just leads to a super overt uncomfortable reconciliation or a super subtle one, where everything feels ok but nothings happening.


I’m wondering about developmental effects over the long-term. And strategies over the long-term.

I still feel that the main factor impacting reconciliation is Action. I suspect, for example, that action taking is the optimal strategy for lessening reconciliation with a heavy stack.

I’m also coming to suspect that capacity to take Action is the critical factor (or one of them) in deciding whether to run a Terminus track.

The Terminus tracks that have worked best for me also seem to be the ones for areas in which I’ve taken more action.

I’m still thinking about this.