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I totally agree with that, when I was running 3 loops/day I was stonewalling and got a a nasty reconciliation from time to time. It seemed to work good only on 1 loop/day and even 1 loop felt a bit too much. It’s an individual matter I guess anyway but he numbers given by @Azriel look pretty reasonable to me.


I can’t imagine this is not the case. However terminus seems to test the limits of a physical capacity to assimilate the script. So even with action, some of the processing gets ‘qued’ and over loading the que seems to create adverse effects even with plenty of action. I believe the unifying ‘sigil’ of your heavy stack, or in general, unifying purpose/understanding of direction and growth also greatly reduces reconciliation.

I think there is reconciliation that is as it sounds reconciling new beliefs with current status and there is reconciliation from over doing processing capacity. Action helps both but has it’s limits on the later.

I have also found terminus tracks need even less conscious actions than Q .
I almost can’t help but take actions in accordance with the Emperor tracks, even if it is against my better judgement. Like short-changing work communication cause there is no future there to work on other things etc. I’ve become a bit fearless about doing what’s important or what I am actually committed to over ‘what I should do’. This kind of action was more difficult for me before Terminus


When I was getting a nasty reconciliation from using StarkT which was some form of social anxiety the only way to get out of it was taking action = socialization.


Treat it as if you are consuming a vitamin. Everyday 1 dose, done. Then, go about your day working out things that you are passionate in. Results purely derived from your disciplinary act.


cool, good summation


it would help with developing the right relationships that could serve that, but PCC but would better in a competitive work environment IMO. That’s where it will really shine. Its a balance of demonstrating likeability, charisma, competence, potential, while never outshining ‘the master’.


So, maybe stack PCC after running this stack of three programs for sometime?


What would you say for ascended Mogul?


Is anyone willing to describe its experience with Transcendental Connection?


Again hard to say because not using it in isolation

However I do feel like I am finding better reasons for loving someone and learning to be there for them, nourish them, etc.