Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


For that purpose and some more goals, I’ll be running Mogul for a long time. Probably over 2000 hours in total, stacking it with other subs on the way.


Masculinity can manifest itself in women too. It doesn’t turn them into men, but it makes them more masculine. So probably off-putting to the right men.


Thank you for the summary! This is very intriguing!


He said it as has Alpha scripting not masculinity scripting. Seductress has alpha scripting as well.
Godlike masculinity could also be run by a woman or someone who identifies as non masculine-it just cultivates masculine, as defined archetypical/energetically traits, in someone. The same way Stark can cultivate unifying feminine traits :slight_smile: from this perspective.


Tell me about it… my girlfriend is running it, her character has taken a complete 180-degree turn. She’s pumping it at work, even gotten a promotion, being pursued by tons of guys – she’s mesmerizing like you would not believe it and many random guys have told her she has an extraordinary and unique energy and that they cannot stop thinking about her.

Plus hundred other things she mentioned to me in only a time span of three weeks or so.


Seductress seems to be like Ascended Mogul+Primal Seduction+Physicality shifters for woman.

I think there’s still a male version in the works


what’s her listening schedule?


I told her to listen a maximum of three loops a day, with breaks in between, and to take the weekends off.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

HoM is my all-time favorite sub, no other sub fits me so well, thank you so much for creating it, i really appreciate it.

With all the new wonderful subs here that are changing people’s lives, I am hoping you will give HoM the same love you gave and give Emperor and with time increase its effectiveness allround while adding technologies you develop.

Thank you again for making such a wonderful sub.


That is a solid recommendation. It was almost 4 months ago when you wrote your original post about the great effectiveness Emperor: House of Medici. Now your enthusiasm remains undiminished. That is pretty awesome.

I am very enthusiastic about eventually including this in my stack. First I think I need to be ready for it. HoM is a central part of my Phase 2 plans. (I’m still in the middle of Phase 1.)


You’re very much welcome.


Wow. Now I wonder what’s the current male equivalent of this one. AM perhaps?


I’m pretty sure there isn’t a male equivlant but I know that @raphael asked for one and apparently there was one in the making. Unsure of how that’s worked yet though, it’ll probably be the new technology they’re working on which I’m sure Diamond Ultra has in it?


@SaintSovereign I had a question regarding the medici core, I know the medici sub does contain marketweaver but I was wondering if the Medici Core on the Q store also had it inside. Currently learning trading and I am running a medici core into my custom!


This is actually answered in the new instructions. The submodules in a core works to support the core, not necessarily the overarching program. While the effects of those submodules will bleed over, if there’s a module you need, add it regardless of whether it’s in a core or not.

Building Customs in the Q-Store: Ultima Cores vs. Major Program Cores

Yeah, I was asking because since I started experimenting some strategy in swing trading, which is something that always interested me. And since starting the custom with the money modules I am so much more focused on this!

I am hoping to accelerate my learning curve! I’ll probably rebuild my custom with this module!

Thank you!


Super (even more) glad I put marketweaver in my HoM custom now :sweat_smile:


How is that module going for you :slight_smile:


Due to the dense nature of my custom it’s going slowly. I’m going through a stock trading course and doing paper trades, primarily options trading, while going through it. I’ve had some mild success in my paper trades but learning slow and steady :slight_smile:


This is exactly what we were talking about in my journal, I’m glad I’ve seen this as the modules I was using as examples for overlap are now staying in haha.