Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


I’m having trouble understanding the sentance hahaha you mean like you have an overlap since you add Marketweaver to your custom and also running medici?


I missed this, thanks for pointing out
you say

“If you liked how a subliminal effected you and want the same in your custom, add it”


This means adding Medici core, if I liked my experience on the store program in trading and connecting with others, it will translate over to my custom…while those might be represented as modules, market weaver and transcendental connection respectively, there functions are likely intricately woven aspects of the HOM core. And if I like the functions of those modules particularly and want to highlight their effects-I can add them as modules in addition to the core

I think I finally get it !

This gives me the final answers I need in designing next customs


No no, I just meant for my custom I have modules that overlap or are in cores I’m using. Me and @Neurokinetic were talking about things overlapping.