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So this will be good for something like E-commerce then?

Will this be a core in the Q store? and will there be modules from this in the Q store when you update it in the next few weeks?


Funny I was just checking subclub earlier today with a feeling something new was coming out.

I would have for sure considered this in my custom lol. I’m getting more and more into trading lately and I’m pretty family orientated, so it is quite a perfect fit for me. So it would help all family I’m guessing, not just spouse and children?

I’ll be considering this in a month or so, still want to see what my custom can do on it’s own. Once again awesome work guys!


I mean, it’ll help, but Emperor, Ascended Mogul, Mogul would probably work faster. This one’s for big plans and big dreams. If you’re aiming to become an eCommerce baron, however, it’ll work better. I’m personally going to start running this tonight.


On Netflix in America. Not sure about elsewhere


Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile: .

I think i will add it when i go redo my stack in the last few months of the year. It kind of sounds like emperor mixed with stark and EoG. Ofcourse i mean it has it’s own script but if you mixed the three with maybe some other modules that sounds like the end result.

I mean no disrespect here by the way. I love all the products you guys make. I love how you guys make a crazy variety of wealth products that go in directions most people don’t really realize there are.


I had that feeling last night, actually even texted a friend about it because the thought “new sub!” was so strong and sudden. 9:39pm (PT) last night, I just checked…


@BLACKICE I Was just thinking how quiet things have been


I understand why you say this, but it’s quite different. While, Emperor, Stark and EoG all overlap in regards to wealth and entrepreneurship, the pathway to manifestation and end results are different. StarkQ focuses on entrepreneurship via innovation and / or inventing things. Emperor is that all around lone wolf entrepreneur. EoG is for long-term wealth building. And by wealth, we mean millions. This focuses on empire building through financial domination and dealmaking. Choose the tool that best fits your needs.


As someone with a custom containing Atman, Unlimiter, Potentiator and Wealth Limit Destroyer, why not trillions?


That’s the spirit. No limits.


Not gonna lie. The first thing I thought of was Assassin’s Creed.


@mecharc you have got to read this :smiley:


Funnily enough the work I do on the app from my journals has a huge thing on trading. This may seem perfect.

I do agree with someone that said this could feel like Stark/Emperor and EoG mixed together - I understand the differences but it still feels that way and I’m not complaining about it - not sure if this is something I should replace StarkQ/T with and add to my Khan stack as it might hit all the levels I need in my jobs, both of which need strong relationships/wealth and the one of them - trading.

Not sure what to do now, so many options :joy:


Really interested in what’s coming up after this since this a “series of groundbreaking titles.”

The House of Rothschilds?
The House of Rockefellers?
Crazy Rich Asians?

I’m really interested in incorporating this into my stack or even running this solely but I will wait and see what’s coming next.

But HOM appeals to me a lot because apart from my goals of increasing my wealth, I want to have a family too sooner or later and I want my children to have best life they can ever have without having to worry about financial problems consistently like me, my siblings and parents.

Just one question. Do we need a strong foundation for this? Assuming that we are not already in a position of wealth to propel ourselves to that level seen in HOM?

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Whouah ! Also well known for its cruelty with their ennemies and tendencies to be manipulative :joy: I hope you will not force us to torture people around :joy::joy:


Hahaha, nah… ain’t going down that route at ALL. Not all of these titles will correlate directly to a family. Some of the research will end up as Q modules, others may end up as titles that you wouldn’t even correlate to a family empire.

No, it’s an “easier” title to use, compared to something like EoG. We also designed it to elicit immediate results and manifestations.


I mean, errrrybody was doing that in the 15th century. :wink:


Some excel at it :joy:


I was watching a couple of videos on YouTube about the Medici Family. Fascinating