Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici




Full size album art (2500 x 2500 png) available for those who purchase:


Also, I’m actually spending more time learning how to value listed companies in the particular sector where I have a lot of knowledge in. This will be very helpful to me.


@SaintSovereign I would like the full size art. Also yesterday or the day before I asked about a wealth Ultima. Any idea when that is coming?


The full size art is in your downloads. The wealth Ultima will be sometime within the next month or two. Right now, we’re setting up the new studio and office.


That is going to be a game changer product for sure. I mean all of them are game changers but i am sure a lot was learned with libertine and beyond limitless that will make the wealth ultima even more badass and life changing.

I am also excited for the new module update on the Q store, i am hoping to see some new modules from this new emperor and also some creativity modules would be awesome too.


@Floridianninja I feel the same way. This stacked with Beyond Limitless Ultima and any wealth customs, StarkQ, or EOGQ is going to not just fun but life changing


I’m adding it to my next stack rotation. :wink:


@SaintSovereign on my second loop


Try again to download album art, should work now.


@SaintSovereign Got it. Thank you


Amazing !!
Wow , such titles goes even beyond imagination .
@SaintSovereign this is so tempting and yes just reading the page expands what can be achieved .
Thanks for offering it .


Something else with the word Emperor in it, I’m in!!
I’m not exactly clear but it looks like in addition to stock trading, this helps with business opportunity and deal manifestation and closings. I’m in marketing, private equity, and have some side work as a broker for certain distribution channels, so this is perfect.
@SaintSovereign @Fire Thank you gentleman


Pretty sure I’ll 1-2 loop of this with my custom to boost it! :heart: I’ll wait in september!


I know about the House of Medici but at first glance I thought it was Emperor: House of MEDICINE and got overexcited. Thought it was the medical equivalent of Emperor Fitness. Oh well. Fingers crossed for something like that in the future.

Medici does sound very interesting. Something like a pleasant surprise. A good one for a later date for me.


There might something for perfect health later titled “House of Hippocrates”…


I wonder how Emperor and Emperor House of M would work together


Imagine this being name-embedded.

You will be destined to be the founder of The (your name) Dynasty.


Are Emperor, Stark, and Emperor: HOM
designed for long term millions?


Aegis: Survival Instinct has aspects of it designed for people in the medical profession I believe