Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


As far as I know, StarkQ is supposed to produce billionaires.


very cool, just wondering bout Emperor/ Emperor HOM then.


I already purchased Aegis: Survival Instinct since its release and it does help me to incorporate habits that are conducive for healing. In my case, it made it more easier to perform eye exercises whereas before I used to be bored while doing it. Also have been using Emperor Fitness ST1 which resulted in higher energy levels.

But still would love to have a more specialized Major Sub solely for health though.

Main Disc. Thread - Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct

MET2 manifestation… just finished watching the series Da Vinci’s Demons which part of it is The House of Medici :slight_smile: I even tried to google if the Medici bank still exist :smile:


I’m sure the Medicis were worth billions in their time…

As for Emperor, I think there’s no limit!


@Yondaime - I watched Da Vinci’s Demons a couple of years back mainly because I love everything Leonardo Da Vinci, the ultimate renaissance man.


Medici is the plural of medico, meaning “medical doctor”. Assuming that people in Italy took up surnames that represented their occupations, it could somehow be inferred the Medici family in 15th century Italy must have had some ancestors in the medical profession.


@King - yeah, i had a hunch that they had some origin in the medical field since english has many words of latin origin (Medici being a case in point).


Smart one!!!


Holy moly! This is next level of excitement. Thanks @SubliminalUser


I actually decided yesterday to call my Limitless custom “Medicus” and now you release this haha


You gotta break some eggs to make an omelet man. :laughing:


So I guess PCC is in it.


@SaintSovereign So if I have a custom, with Ascended Mogul, EoG, StarQ and Ultimate Artist as cores and my goal is to generate money through my art, will Medici be helpful for me, or should I just do more loops of my custom instead? I’m only running my custom + some Ultima (whichever I feel like for the day).


Looks like you may get a rich patron for your art.

The Medici family financed the invention of the piano and opera, funded the construction of Saint Peter’s Basilica and Santa Maria del Fiore, and were patrons of Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Machiavelli and Galileo among many others in the arts and culture. They were also protagonists of the counter-reformation, from the beginning of the reformation through the Council of Trent and the French wars of religion.


I am watching the netflix tv show, it is awesome!


Are the protagonists of Emperor, Khan or Stark archetypes?


It’s in the copy, at the bottom.


Just looked up the man I met last year on google, he has a wikipedia page on him hahaha, that’s how he built power. Business deals and connections!

I even have his personnal cell phone number, can’t belive it! But won’t call him, if I want to talk to him, I’ll need to provide value!

This type of network building is perfect for success!


I don’t get too excited because this mean House of Medici is just the first in a serie. I wonder how many are to come :open_mouth: