Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


@SaintSovereign, in a stack, what would be a best ratio: 2-3 loops of Emperor for 1 of House of Medici OR the contrary?


Ran two loops last night and one this morning already. Feel really good.


I was talking to my landlord this morning about the Medici Family and he instantly went into a tirade about how banks and rich people fuck everyone over. I was watching one of Douglas Kruger’s videos last night on YouTube and what he said echoed what I have thought for a long time. How can anyone expect to be wealthy if you have this ingrained belief that rich people or anyone who has a lot of money or is financially independent is somehow inherently evil?


Completely missed this. The hype is real.

HoM is very tempting. I wanna focus on spirituality next though. Sheesh, decisions…


This will answer that question


Never mind that four of the Medici Family were Popes


Starting to think that with title such as this ,StarkQ, QLQ,EOGQ, and others that @SaintSovereign and @Fire aren’t just working on advancing humanity but helping create individuals that work to lead and swing the world in a more positive and productive direction and environment


Depends on your end goal. You have to choose which of the titles fits your long term aspirations. Make that the “dominant” sub.


Definitely true. I’ve spoken before about my struggles against my internal wealth ceiling. Only recently have I started to break through them, and even now, some of SubClub’s recent successes give me anxiety.


I see. I was asking more considering that “it seems” the traditional Emperor has a broader base, and House of Medici would be more focused.

Just to give me an idea, could you tell me how many pages of scripting House of Medici has?


Some people who think money is evil do so because they believe having material possessions hinders their spiritual development, and that people should aim to get closer to God and not be distracted by the treasures on earth.

It’s perfectly understandable.

I’ve gone round that belief about not being able to take your earthly treasures with you when you die. The assumption in that belief is that people accumulate material for themselves, which is not always true. They may accumulate material wealth so that their future generations don’t have to worry about financial issues, provided their descendants don’t squander the family fortune away.

And that was the driving force for the Medici family and many other rich families like the Rothschilds.

Not always about the individual.

Priests and monks have a role to play in society, but to pour scorn over people who choose to create wealth and see them as lower-level beings or immoral is just not right.

Plus poverty does not guarantee happiness. Poor people will still die of cancer and fight with each other for all sorts of matters.


Will they have different topics or will they mainly focus on making money? Because I would be interested in buying a subliminal about seduction and i like subs like primal seduction or libertine ultima, but if some new subliminal with that theme is coming out soon, I would also like to evaluate the new one before deciding which to buy. For example, as far as I know, a male version of seductress is being processed, but obviously you can’t tell me when it will come out :joy: could you give me some clues? or is it all super secret material and will I find out by living? :joy:


Depends. Some of the research we got back wasn’t that great, lol. If we can turn the findings into a suitable product, we will. COVID-19 messed up a lot of our plans for this year, but I think we dealt with it quite well.


pls release new titles soon :slight_smile:


Speaking about COVID-19, is there a going to be a subliminal that helps us identify and work on business opportunities that are around due to the chaos in the world caused by the COVID-19 and other geopolitical events?

Great Depression 2.0 may be coming I heard. So maybe its a time to get richer.

I am thinking about something like how the Russian oligarchs are rich today because they took the opportunity during the collapse of the Soviet Union.


I’d stick with the custom + Ultima unless there’s something within Medici that you feel very much drawn to.


Ya that is also a big custom stack anyways, so adding one more title like an emperor size title might derail or slowdown your progress a bit.


Saint, your anxiety is more about fear, guilt or something else?


Having a Pope in the family meant little of virtue back then. Just more power backed by religion. :joy:


Fear. I grew up in the American south. Bible belt, very strict upbringing. We weren’t allowed to think for ourselves, and if we did, we were subject to harsh physical / corporeal punishment. One of the things that was drilled into our heads was that “success” was evil and “of the flesh.” For the longest part of my life, I literally thought that anyone who had money was going to hell – which of course, created some very strong self-limitations in regards to wealth.

When I first started running success subs, my subconscious resisted so strongly that I almost swore them off completely. And it was a string of little things that kept adding up into a larger pattern. For example, at the time, I was driving a beautiful Mustang convertible and one day, I parked into a spot near a wall and knocked off the side view mirror. I tried to put the convertible top down so I could see if the mirror snapped off or if it pulled the screws out. Somehow, a bunch of books were in the area where the convertible top folds into, and it bust out the back window. Over $1500 of damage done in 20 minutes. I also dropped my brand new phone and broke the screen, etc. It was crazy.

Even though I had sworn off traditional religious thought (I’m still quite spiritual, strongly believe in panpsychism), my mind was telling me that I was engaging in “evil” and any time things would start to go well, I’d begin to have this feeling of imminent death. Had no idea where it was coming from, until I read The 50th Law, a collaboration between rapper 50 Cent and Robert Greene of 40 Laws of Power fame. The 50th Law is literally “be fearless,” and 50 Cent goes into detail about how many people subconsciously equates change and success with death, especially in the United States, because we engage in so much fear based marketing and fear based culture (just take a look at US news). He talked about even the subtle fear-based programming we engage in, like how our hospitals are incredibly aesthetically sterile, barren and fearsome. Back in the day (and even in other countries), the place where a healer does their work is full of color, life and a sense of calmness and positivity.

That whole thing changed my life, but I’m still dealing with the consequences of that early life conditioning.