Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


Huge. Can I suggest something? Two phrases, which must be pronounced silently or aloud but with feelings.

Phrase 1: “I acknowledge all those people in my life, in my ancestral system and past lives, to whom being wealthy costed their lives and I give them a place in my soul”.

Phrase 2:
“I acknowledge all those people in my life, in the ancestral system and in past lives to whom voluntary rejection of being wealthy allowed to stay alive and also giving them a place in my soul”.

100% it is invisible loyalty issue. I saw this a hundred of times. The Will is unable to break thru this issues.

Hope this phrases will help you to start healing loyaltie’s restrictions.

P.S. Yeah, yeah “self-punishment” issues and etc. Very familiar.


I was just thinking, would PCC need to be run alongside this or does this have elements of PCC covered.


Those phrases look familiar. Are they part of a certain hypnotherapy script?


No, its from systemic / field therapy. Of course, it has roots from hypnotherapy also.


Medici has elements of PCC, geared toward the goals of the program. If you want to feel the “full effects,” run PCC as part of a stack. PCC is somewhat “defensive,” while The House of Medici is a more “aggressive” script, so the two didn’t quite gel.


Got it thanks, that works better for me.
Will the House of Medici support general wealth accumulation and goals through entrepreneurship, like turning online services into an empire? Or is it trade and deal specific?


So I saw this and than saw next month is a Ultima for money. Should I wait for the Ultima and or should I stack this with ascended mogul?


Stack this with AM if you want the long term effects of the goals of both those subs.
The Ultima will support with wealth as well, but Ultima’s are geared for short term effects/results. They may have long term effects but are not designed for or intended to replace Q or Terminus subs and modules, which are designed for current results as well as long term results, growth, and development.


Still means little right now tbh


This is a familiar struggle to me as well. Though I didn’t grow up in the intensely religious environment. I’ve shot myself in the foot on multiple occasions because the fear was so strong. Mine ties in more with interpersonal relationships/people in general, which are absolutely necessary to maintain to get anywhere in this world.

To be honest it’s been one of those things where it’s just a gradual deconstructing of the fear. I wish there was a better way to just get rid of it all in one go. But releasing fear can trigger fear as well. So it’s like some weird messed up feedback loop.

Anyway, just felt like posting this here because so often if feels like everyone is soaring high above all this and unaffected except yourself. Not that I like seeing other people struggle, but it’s less isolating to know you’re not the only one sometimes.


Loved the show




Emperor and Emperor: Medici are around the same length, but since the concepts overlap, density doesn’t quite matter. It’s more about which one resonates with you the most.


This should be a part of PCC :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea of this one alot. Family + Wealth focused on the concepts surrounding IC and PCC. Money is present but more focused on knowledge.

Am going to combine this with sanguine and so below, as my main probably.


Bought it yesterday, listen to it while sleep, have a dream go to a huge bungalow, got black dog chase me and bite me, but my hand is not hurt, have some conversation, heard the name of a big boss, and a name of of gangster tycoon, coincidence? :joy:


Is Emperor Medici scripted to go with best with Emperor because of the similar content/ concept overlap in some areas?


Thinking of pairing it with Aura Ultima, will it be available soon? Thanks!


Hi. What if your family was fkd up? Does it do any cleaning/reframing? I would like to build a strong and healthy family, free of the bad patterns I witnessed from birth.


I’ve been running that kitten for 25 minutes now and at first I felt euphoric but like now I’m becoming a bit anxious…