Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


Sounds like a nice addition to the emperor range of products :).


This one’s interesting. I played 3 loops today with an hour break in between each loop. I have a strong relaxed and confident feeling. My first day.

I’m curious how this compares with Stark. That definitely made me more outgoing and I connected with people better.

Also stock market doesn’t open until 2 days. Haven’t started trading yet but I will soon.


Is there an approximate time frame before House of Medici is avaliable on the Q store?

I’ve done a couple of loops of House of Medici yesterday, and I can already say I am putting my limits straight up! With my friends, the girls I am talking too, my boss! hahaha I really get that feeling like having a great network combined with Stark will really boost results!


That’s awesome!

I’ve been thinking for a long time that a great addition would be mobile phone wallpapers that come with each sub.

For example - when you buy StarkQ, you get a mobile wallpaper in the download section. So then you can set it as a background image on your phone - to remind you of the sub you’re focusing on and where your focus in life should go.

)I created my own using the silhuette of the Emperor (because it is used on the homepage) and it works well - but it’s the only one I could get the background pic without the name of the subliminal)

I’m sure other members would enjoy mobile wallpapers for helping them focus on the right things as well : )


What about the images in the Custom Q store?

They’re squares like album art, not rectangles like wallpapers.


Not sure if it’s from House of Medici or the Alpha/Wealth custom but I didn’t lose my shit but I did firmly make someone aware that I wasn’t happy with their inability to give a straight answer


I did one loop of it yesterday and I was more dominant in my relationship and she followed me without a word of complain, and she is a strong and stubborn woman. Besides my interactions with people were very similar to StarkQ but I was more self-centered, focused, analytical and coolheaded. On StarkQ it’s more spontaneous and outside-oriented. I combined it with StarkQ. I’m going to test it for a while since both subs cover my ultimate goals.

Last evening I met a guy who is a new teacher at our school and I bought him one beer, talked to him. Later on he said if I wanted to get some extra money he could recommend me to his former university. I bought him another beer, talked to him and he said he had just got a much better job offer and was thinking about switching, then he said he remembers about his friends and if I was interested in working at that new school he could recommend me to them… Maybe it was just him or… The house!


So far I’ve run 3 loops total of House of M
what I’ve noticed

  1. Huge status boost
  2. People seem to get in line with my conscious intentions
  3. Do feel very self focused on this, and cool headed.
  4. Had some some really memorable funny interactions with locals and when I recounted the story to my friend he said " Your really develop quite the relationship with those guys"-I thought how deliberately and specifically he said that was odd.
  5. The dominance boost seems similar to BLU but less social unless I consciously engage that. It has the super Alpha programming sense.
  6. Spent the day planning things rather than executing


Would this clash with PCC?


Naw, why would it?


Just making sure, since I am running PCC.


And PCC is?


power can corrupt


It’s time to make an official SubClub abbreviation dictionary bois :smiley:


This will be probably be killer with PCC
It’s like the offensive and defensive lines of external power and social savy


Especially for me? Really?! Gee, thanks a million! :slight_smile:


Just to be sure, since it’s a flavor of Emperor the sub is only for males right? Or is it unisex?


The best defense is offense :wink:


Tempted to get this to run but will hold on to my customized Emperor sub for the next few months.

In the meantime, I hope to hear your experiences that are as exciting as how the Rothschilds profited from the Napoleonic Wars and how George Soros shorted the pound sterling.

Master strokes.


I was going to make a joke about who cares about getting manipulated once you have a billion+ dollars, but I realize that’s probably the worst time to be manipulated :joy: