Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: The House of Medici


When I make my first billion
customs on me-for anyone I’ve PMed before today.


Will record this.


King is first


Looking forward to it!


It’s unisex.


This is one of the first subliminals that really speaks to me. Hope it is just not stocks but als more general business like…

Foremost was their incredibly powerful ability to forge deep relationships with whomever they desire

Does this also increase overtime just like the analytical abilities? @Fire @SaintSovereign


I’ve an idea to create something like a Bilderberg group for Sub Club members when we all become UHNWI.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire will of course be the VVIPs.


Is there some grammatical error here? Should “their” be “your”? Or are we encouraged to focus on the Medici family?


No, in the sentence they start with “an individual who desires to focus” so I think their is good since the pronoun is “individual” and not “you”… But I suck in grammar usually so I’ll someone else explain it :joy:


For now it seems to me it doesn’t go along with StarkQ well. It’s only day 2 so I’m going to stick to this combo and see since it might be a form of reconciliation. Maybe the House is too strong in comparison with StarkQ.


From what i understand Emperor House of Medici might be even more dense then emperor and that is saying something lol. There is a good chance it could be more dense then stark too.


How do you rotate your stack? Do you play 1 stack day 1 and the other day 2?


What does it mean and what are the consequences? I run both the same day.




I mean i don’t think there is a consequence in running both in one day. But it could just be reconciliation you are experiencing. I am not sure what you are asking by what does it mean. It could be that you need more time to see results since you are running 2 big subs.


What is in Emperor: House of Medici? Q , Terminus or Terminus^2…



Spoilt: A Gentle Warning

I’m just a kid
in a candy store.
I’ve got thousand subs
and I want one more.
Feels good to be spoiled,
Thanks to SaintSovereign and Fire.
What can I do?
It’s tough to curb my desire.

I thought starkQ was the last,
Until they embeded my name.
And then they made Ultima
And changed the whole effing game.
Thanks to the free upgrades,
A feat most generous indeed.
Showing all innovators,
How to graciously lead.

I thought I finally could,
rest my case for buying.
Right then came out Medici,
Another sub worth trying


What does it mean a sub is denser than another?

Could I run one sub one day and the other on the other day? Just switch between them every other day.


@SaintSovereign You can answer this lol


Denser means it has more script/modules/or multi directional and/or layered content, density can also effect people differently in how difficult or deep the subject matter of the sub goes.

You can play Emperor and Emperor Medici same day- I’m doing it to quite good effect and still alive.