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Elaboration, if you please?


You can check out my journal where I’ll talk about the results in more details to come,
but essentially just feels great, adds an increased intelligence and planning aspect to Emperor, getting along great with family in a way I have not lately. Like usually I can do what it takes to get along but I’m really enjoying spending time with them and its effortless, even when I get edgy I’m still being myself and it all flowing. .

Zero concern about money or work, usually that’s always an edge for me there. And I spent the day walking around the city getting some pretty insane attention from woman, and I have not been running libertine in almost a week. I also have my custom which has Primal Seduction, Khan Stage 1, and have looped Sex Mastery this week from my last time a lady came over. So those all my be contributing but Medici seems to give a calm dominance and sense of entitlement that adds to the sexual attention.


Yup, calm dominance… This is what I felt on Medici, sense of entitlement also stronger.

It’s good, really good, I remember when I was missing the dominance from emperor! This is it :smirk:

I only ran Medici one day and I already put strict boundary on my differents relationship. There is one girl I sometime see and she always go to bed at like 3AM, and she keeps me awake. She told me she wanted to see me two days ago and I just told her that I could fuck the shit out of her, but I have to get my sleep. This is my limit.


It might be that The House is much denser than StarkQ and that’s the reason they don’t go along (for me) or it’s a form of reconciliation. How do you think; could it be better to stack The House with StarkT?


Don’t worry about ‘objective’ density- subs can effect different people differently
Go with what works for you. You could be experiencing reconciliation from House of Medici, you could be experiencing reconciliation from adding another Q sub in terms of your processing capacity, or you could be experiencing reconciliation by being pulled in different directions from how Stark and the House are effecting you. (Although I’m sure they are designed to be synergistic in the long run)

I would cut the Stark and House of M loops down to 1 x a day and have them far apart from each other in the day. Adding Terminus will likely make things more difficult.
I’m not familiar with how long you have been on Stark but if it’s less than a month run that or House of Medici solo for a month and then stack them.
Your last option could be Stark terminus 1 every 3 days and House of Medici 1x a day.


Is Terminus so strong one could use it as little as once per three days?

If it comes to Q, one loop works magic for me so I stick to one. StarkQ alone works great for me, the same if it comes to The House (alone) but they just don’t do that for me when combined. I mean there are some results but they are… suppressed.

I’ve been running StarkQ for one week only and I added The House on Saturday.


How can you tell the results are suppressed though?

If you mix a new ingredient in the soup-the sharp contrast of a particular flavor might not come out as strongly but it’s still in the mix :joy: honestly-not sure if that analogy holds.

Whatever the case -I’d stick to Stark for a month solo and then add The House of Medici

Terminus for some people 1 loop was enough for a week, others run Terminus 2x+ a day
that’s for you to experiment and see.
But if 1 Q loop is enough for Stark, keep that going for sure for now. I wouldn’t worry about Terminus till way down the line.


Thank you so much for your replies. Today it was much better than yesterday so I will stick to my stack for a while and then I’m going to give Stark Terminus a try.


@SaintSovereign I am somehow not having a Ultrasonic version in my downloads - they seem to be both masked - could you please check.


I love House of Medici. @Azriel I will have to read your journal to see how your results so far compares to mine. I didn’t run it yesterday but I ran two loops the day it came out and one more the following morning. I am running one loop right now while I watch a Crossfit documentary I have been wanting to see and in all honesty I am with this and my Alpha and wealth custom dealing with some big time reconciliation in feeling I’m not good enough or can’t have the goals and aspirations I am looking to achieve. May run Limit Destroyer Ultima to help me work on those issues and feelings. So tired of doubting myself and my abilities


Awesome you like it, yeah I’ll post more details at the end of this week on that one specifically in my journal.
What do you love about it so far?
I’m going to be implementing more active rest days-I can’t tell you how effective this is with dealing with reconciliation, everybody says it but I’ve rarely listened and go two weeks with no break sometimes. Every time I take a day off it’s a rebirth. (without running rebirth).


When stacked with Emperor, what kind of results will it yield?
I’m quite interested in trying this one out with Emperor. My intuition draws me towards it.


@Azriel I was just reading what @SaintSovereign is writing about the recommended rest days time frame. Im curious myself because at times when I do take rest days I feel like Im excecuting the sub and other times I dont. That could be reconciliation . Im not sure


where did you read this?


@Azriel Its in the thread @SaintSovereign posted a bit ago


There quite a few of those, forgive my incompetency :slight_smile: but I can’t find what your referring too, would you please let me know the name of the thread or send me the link


It’s in the last paragraph


Yes I saw that thank you,
I thought you meant the actual recommendations in writing.
That’s still to come.


If I ran The House for two days and Stark Q Terminus on the third day and repeated the cycle without a day off would be the third day a day for processing The House and the first and second day days for processing Stark Terminus or a day off (no listening) is required for processing?


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