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Where can I find more about subclub elites? What’s that?


Is it fine to run 3 ultimas if you’ve got the experience? I simply want all of them @SaintSovereign

How would you go about this. You think could work?


@ALMIGHTY i personally have not had any issues running 3 ultima titles in a row. However I have not run this new Primal iron throne ultima.


:heart: u Blackadder


Everyone, pay attention to this, the Q Plus. The most predictable and consistent breed of subliminals.

Will Q-Plus be as powerful as current Ultimas, and you think it’ll work such that you guys can stop focusing on build and tech?


Whoa did not see this. Q-plus, now I’m psyched. I suppose this goes for the other Q’s as well like Emperor, Stark, PS, Khan etc


They did say that Q plus was a ways off.


Hmm… that will need to be tested. I tested DIAMOND last night (lulz) and I ran it three hours before. Worked amazingly. If you anticipate morning sex, I’d make a playlist of your stack and put it at the end, then listen overnight.

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There’s a misconception about the relationship between Ultima and Q and it’s causing issues. We take the blame, as its our responsibility to properly explain this. We’ll be doing that soon in the support center and the instruction manual (which we intentionally designed to make it easy for us to update).

Ultima is more powerful than Q in the context of invoking quicker, but seemingly temporary results. Ultima is a hybrid format, but that’s not the ONLY thing that differentiates it from hybrids offered by other companies. The secret lies in the way we’ve written our scripts, and the unique way we’ve built the hybrid.

Of course, any kind of subliminal programming will have some sort of permanency, but the scripts are written in a way to cause quick state shifts and results, not for deep growth. That’s why we keep pointing out that Ultima is its own product line. Q and Ultima have two different development roadmaps. They are different tools for different purposes. You can’t really take a Major Title script and just throw it into an Ultima format and call it a day – won’t work right. With Dragon Reborn Ultima, we managed to get the full script in there, but it had to be rewritten and adjusted. AND, DRU is meant for you to use after running the entire program. So again, it’s best used as a booster.

So, Q+ will be extremely powerful, but you shouldn’t really compare it to Ultima. Both Q and Ultima are powerful in their own right.

Reflections of Apollo

What I meant was if Ultima can push X amount of information into the subconscious, will Q+ be able to push that much too? But I get the point, we shouldn’t relate Ultima and Q, it’s problem for you guys.


So rebirth ultima would have to be used daily to get the benefits from it? Wouldn’t I be better off using rebirth Q?
If I understood correctly Ultima is about state shifting like being outgoing - true social, sensual - Libertine. Like for the others the rebirth ultima effects wear off in time and I’m back to my old beliefs?
So if I want some permanent healing is Q better?


Q+ will be able to push more. That doesn’t mean we’ll use all of its theoretical power — you see how Terminus add Terminus Squared causes issues…


Lol just one last question on the topic, do you think there’s gonna be a more profound and deep hitting scripting language which would need less amount of data to be pumped and still get similar results? It’s okay if you decide not to answer as I myself think it’s too many questions on the same topic.


just got the PS Iron Throne Ultima. gonna run it along with PRIMALQ in Jan 2021 for 30 days or more, only 2 programs. 1 core + Ultima. Primal Seduction Q + PS Iron Throne Ultimate. 1-2 loops/day each


Do you have a journal? Would love to follow


yes i will create one. @Neurokinetic


It is been months and months I am using Iron Throne (not ultima), So I decided to test Iron Throne Ultima to see how it is. I can feel that I can master every part of my body langage and intonation to express what I want to express, something I never could have done before even if I am doing video for my business hall the time.

It is complicate to explain but my mastery of sub communication is impressive, and it work well on one of my girlfriend today. I listened to it this morning 8h ago, since then she is all cute and laughing way more than usual to anything I am saying.

Emotionally I am feeling more confident and sexy, it feels when I am at my best.

Need more test to see more effect, but so far it is quite impressive.


To be honest, I have no idea. I want ALL the things to happen, but as we’ve already seen with new technologies, sometimes those things don’t happen. :wink:


I was close with my prediction atleast elsewhere! @raphael


iron throne Ultima is a great new addition


@SaintSovereign How is Iron Throne Ultima before stepping into business discussion with suppliers / Clients