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A question that popped into my mind last night about this one… I’ve had a lot of difficulty running this one, often stopping before 20 minutes into it. Seems to be heavy reconciliation. That being said, once that is pushed past, Primal Seduction itself has manifestation scripting (Short-Term Sexual Manifestation and Long-Term Sexual Manifestation). Would this scripting carry over into the Ultima version? Its not clear from the sales page whether this was cut from Iron Throne or not since theres no module list.


It contains the entire script of Iron Throne, so I assume that means nothing has changed but the format.


I get that, but its not clear from Iron Throne’s page whether those modules form part of Iron Throne. Also, since we are dealing with a format which has its limitations and is essentially intended for short term changes which may become more permanent with regular use, it doesn’t make sense for all of the longer term stuff to act directly in an Ultima format. I don’t expect this would be something anyone other than the makers themselves would be able to answer.


I’d like an answer to your original question as well, when you put it that way.


Questions for @SaintSovereign and @Fire


“ability to decide your relationships with women – short-term, long-term… you have the power to choose” - Primal Seduction description.

Can anyone expand on this? @SaintSovereign
How does the sub do this?


It just means that the sub isn’t just for one night stands. You can also use it to spark a long term romantic relationship