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Might try running the aura q module alongside libertine and see whether that helps.


yea, so far this sub has not played out like I thought it would. Let’s see if the surprise changes things.


How was your experience with the non Ultima Libertine?


If an experience becomes the new normal for the sub user, will the sub user pay attention to it?


lol, I can totally feel that joke… but that’s the unfortunate thing about the internet and text messaging right, it doesn’t convey emotions, well it does to an extend.


@Valygar it was rubbish it never worked. Before people have ago at me and think I have got a personal vendetta against SC I DO NOT. They have made some bloody good products like emperor, primal, limitless and some of the custom Qs are bloody marvelous like iron frame, rogue, serum x, ascension Q to name a few. However some of them I think are garbage like they were never tested properly like the aura and the physical change modules, romance modules. The masculine enhancement not seen any changes, the facial subs again no changes.

By the way anyone who sends me PMs i refuse to reply to from now on. SC are monitoring my private messages and i dont want to be accused of misguiding members covertly.


Probably going to take a much longer time to see how the physicality shifters work. Those are some of the most experimental programs on here, if not the most. That’s why the descriptions all say:

Keep in mind, physical shifting is an advanced technology, and it can and will require days, weeks, months, years, as well as dedication, taking action and optimal conditions.

It’s not a hidden secret or something.


Yea, Physical change my tools are definitely more of a long-term investment. It’s why the creators mentioned that if someone is going to put in physical change modules, they should be sure to include the modules which will have a more immediate impact and out those which one can enjoy sooner than later. That way one doesn’t end up becoming frustrated at the custom which seems to do nothing in a short period of time.





We’ll have to see What project hero does, as well as whether these custom modules will be improved to more advanced build formats in the future. In any case, it’s not a bad idea to get a Headstart on these kinds of changes. Most of us are in a quarantine, after all, so it’s not like we need to have those changes occur right now!


Even the best juicer in the world can’t make orange juice out of a grapefruit :wink:

(Edited to add… the point of this little line from Vince Kelvin in this context is… it don’t matter how supercharged your aura is, some women will just not be interested in responding to that type of energy. There could be all kinds of reasons, and that’s okay, Ultima isn’t some kind of voodoo spell, the aura is for those who are receptive, and sometimes to make someone receptive you have to engage them so they notice the energy)


So what you’re saying is

There’s a lock for every key and sometimes your key wont fit all but someone else is a better fit

In other words: it’d be pretty overpowered to affect any and all free will of all women out there I suppose. Imagine if a bunch of Libertine users all lived in the same area and kept stealing each others girls unintentionally from one another :joy:

All I’d be happy with is knowing the aura works and it can at least attract one girl like crazy. I don’t want to sleep with all women, but it’d be nice to feel like a rockstar at least with some attractive girls.


I guess what I’m saying is, a supercharged sexual aura combined with neediness will still be unattractive, so its important to remember the rule of SWSWSW (some will, some won’t… so what?) and have fun in the process of experimenting with Libertine

I haven’t been blessed to have a lot of opportunity to experiment with it, but I’ve seen its potential already in little side glances and deer in headlights looks. Energy awareness and awareness of the environment and your own state is important. I’ve also recognized as a result of my other subliminals including the custom what areas I need to work on myself and my game - eg my gut, neck fat, self marketing, awareness of the product I’m selling (myself) etc. Rather than feel let down that I haven’t had a chance to see the subs full potential yet I feel blessed to have had this time during lockdown to prepare to go out into the field when lockdown ends.


@Malkuth in regards to the physical shifting subs perhaps you are correct perhaps I am being rather harsh.


We’ll see, brother.

Time will tell.


Male enhancement subliminals never manifest fast (if ever) by any vendor. Facial changing subliminals currently can manifest relatively fast. I just have not seen personally with the custom modules.


One thing I will say is this: If Sub Club does ever develop physicality shifters that lead to rapid, dramatic overnight changes in the body, I will **not ** be planning to buy them, nor to sign up for any experimental groups.

I’m no genius, but I’ve seen enough to know that that story usually does not end well.

When it comes to body change, slow and steady seems (to me) like the way to go.


I am curious as to the experiences which led you to this conclusion.


I think it is a matter of getting used to changes and being able to accept things that seem unnatural.

Imagine you wake up the next morning as a woman. How many men are going to mentally accept it straightaway even if they had wished for it for a long time?

Most people seek gradual change because the human mind needs to adjust.

Of course, there are people who are so open-minded to seemingly impossibile things happening to them straightaway.


Auras are subtle too, @blackadder.

Your aura is where your passions, your values, your strong commitments, radiate outward from you. Bleeding into the physical and social environment around you.

It’s an atmosphere around you that reflects what is going on within you.

Kind of like that old Disney movie, Snow White. The main character is so gentle and peaceful that when wild animals are in her presence, they become docile and tame. The character, Snow White, has a powerful aura.

Other people may have an intense martial, combative aura. With those people, even though you may have originally been feeling calm and neutral, when you come into their presence you feel irritable and like you want to fight.

In the world’s spiritual traditions, an avatar is one who embodies the energy and qualities of a particular Divine Ideal. A person like this will also have a very clear and powerful aura.

For normal people, the aura will be a mixture of many elements. We are not just one thing. But those aspects of you that are heightened and more refined will contribute more clearly to the atmosphere around you.

So, you see, you already have an aura, as do all living things. Look at your habitual recurring thoughts, focuses of attention, goals, and life themes. They’ll tell you about the aura you already have. People who speak to you in an unguarded way (e.g., pillow talk or very comfortable friends) will also describe your aura to you. You already have it. Aura subliminals may encourage certain parts of your aura, or they may relax and free your expressiveness so that your energy shines out more, and so on. But they’re not adding something that was not already part of you.

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