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Interesting @Malkuth
So if i understand this correctly…does it make sense to run ascension or regeneration for 6 months to 1year then your aura would be much better ?
By running these two subs first im sure your beliefs morals and values should be adjusted for the better…
And then run an aura subliminal to project that good aura?
just using regeneration and ascension as examples


As i see it, it’s not really about better, per se. It is about ‘clearer’. Anyone with a focused, clear intention, commitment, or purpose and who projects that purpose out into the world around them will have that purpose as a strong part of their aura.

Whether you think the aura is better or worse will depend on how you feel about that particular purpose and will also depend on how that purpose impacts you personally.

For example, take a great scientist or a great leader who dedicates everything for their mission to establish something in the world. Say a cure for cancer or the establishment of equal rights for their particular group, etc. Within the atmosphere of their aura, their followers and students may feel almost holy devotion to them. On the other hand, their children and/or spouse may not be so happy about that exact same aura since it may coincide with neglect of duties, and lack of care and devotion in the domestic sphere.

The point of an aura is to clarify your values in life and to build your lifestyle in a way that is right for you. The aura will then radiate your energy and attract to you the things that mirror and support your commitment.

It’s sort of like the ‘icing on the cake’. Worry about the cake first and the icing will generally fall right into place.


Aaaah makes perfect sense…thats why libertine stacks best with sexual subs.
And i agree with you to worry about the cake first because if u dont have a cake the icing is pointless no matter how good it taste…


i like that way of putting it.


Reckon we’ll hear more about the “suprise” later today?


Ascension generates a specific Aura
but high status and self comfort would expand your auras capacity I imagine

If I had to bet I would say Regeneration, Khan Stage 1 and Alchemist would be the subs
that lay the ground work for the most powerful, effective, effect malleable auras.

Since it’s healing, clearing, and purification/enhancement directly–respectively

for modules I AM, Blue Skies, Energetic Development—(blue skies was stated to have a lot of energetic development within it)


This is hard for me, I often eat icing directly from the tube


First chakras, recently astrology, now pheromones. You all crack me up.


Obviously I am in no way criticizing anyone I just feel things get over thought or overcomplicated at times.


Honestly @JCast I do understand this. After a certain point of diving into things like chakras I think that these things conceptually point to some underlying truth although they may not perfectly capture the idea.


@JCast you do have a point there are alot of bad boys out there who do not run chakra cleansing exercises to create a sexy aura. They just have women who want to fuck them full stop.


@blackadder Its not just that necessarily. Its often the overarching theme of this forum and possibly others that getting the attention of women or getting laid is the primary goal. I just don’t get it.


If someones primary goal is to get laid then let it be if someone wants to make money then let them be. My point is that I think people are focusing too much on this whole chakra thing.

I have had enough I am off on holiday see you all.


I apologize. I’m having a rough day and obviously taking out my misplaced anger and frustration .


It sounds like you’ve found someone to spend your life with, others just aren’t there yet. .

I’m the guilty party on all accounts here.


I brought pheromones up and it was an inside reference to the past. Not something currently involved in, although there would be nothing wrong with that. So it really adds no ‘complexity’. currently.

it’s was/is just another slight edge and fun to experiment with. This forum IS in the spirit of experimentation and sharing.

I also started the astro thread-why? because why not? I’m not dying to find some answer to be ok, it’s all just expansion and exploration. I would imagine others feel similarly.

I’ve consistently moved through every goal and intention (not in the time frame I wanted :smirk:) except one, and that one is now moving too, I have had since starting my subliminal journey, and part of that success is due to wacky, experimentation, taking action, course correcting and refining. I believe others may benefit from this too. I have zero interest in convincing anyone of anything other than being basically kind, but I won’t even push that haha.

If something is not up someone’s alley, I recommend they just don’t engage it.


Don’t forget auras.

And there have also been neurobiology, genetics, evolutionary theory, history, and literature.

All just different frames for exploring the world and experience.

Everybody’s into something.

One thing’s certain. Humans are going to talk.


No one is “monitoring” your PMs or anyone elses. I just spent the last week working from 6a - midnight moving and working on the new studio. When would we have time to “monitor” your messages? Like we said, a group of bad apples kept trying to promote a competitor’s products and that was brought to our attention – which only came to our attention because a group of people decided to use our forum for piracy.

Quite frankly, I don’t really care if anyone gets offended that we called people out for doing this. @Fire and I have spent two years building this business working 14 hour days, 7 days a week. We’ve literally lost friendships over this company. I lost a romantic partner that I was very interested in, because she considered this “mind control” and wanted me to stop.

I’m appalled that people think they have the right to come here and ruin that by trying to use what we’ve built to sell another company’s products. Let them start their own forum, work endlessly to build it into a respectable community and we’ll see if they let us go there and start promoting our stuff. Hint: the answer is no. That’s the final line on this one, everyone. Respect this business, respect our hard work and we’ll continue to keep giving you our all.

Disrespect us, and you can go patronize another company and see if they’ll give you as many freebies, public free tests, free upgrades, discounts for posting on the forum, and upcoming loyalty coupons for those who have spent a certain amount with us.

@Fire placed notices on all the physical changing modules that they would take time to kick in. You’ve only been running your custom for about two months. It’s too early to say anything about it being “garbage.”

As for Libertine, there’s plenty of exceptionally positive reviews about it. We were trying to work with you to help figure out why it wasn’t working consistently for you, and you ignored our advice, ran multiple Terminus Squared subs back to back with no rest days, stonewalled, stopped running your custom and Libertine, ran a competitor’s weak product the following day and attributed the results to that product instead of the obvious bloom effect that occurs when you pause subliminal programming.

Before you call any of our products “rubbish,” run them correctly and listen to the advice we’re giving.


All of these modules are scripted to go as fast as your body can SAFELY handle without consequence or negative side effects. In other words, it’s up to your subconscious to make that determination. As with any of our programs, we don’t force anything. If rapid change occurs, it’s because your subconscious (which knows more about your limits than any of us, including your conscious mind) has deemed that it’s safe, with no consequences.


Yes, that’s pretty clear.

I was speaking to the impatient desires that sometimes obsess us in our moments of desperation more than to the products you guys are providing. Sorry if it came across as alarmist.