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It’s no biggie – we’ve actually had the same concerns as you, that’s why we’ve been reluctant to release physical changing subs. It’s uncharted territory, and if we aren’t careful, who knows what the side effects are. The current modules play it safe, hence @Fire’s warning about how long it could take.


Pretty surprising, did not expect that the element of “the user not being able to mentally handle the physical change” would be a significant aspect here.


This is always an issue with ANY sub. For example (something I’ve suffered from myself) – if you have internal issues with money, something like “all rich people are evil,” your subconscious is going to have a hard time ever manifesting money. That same line was drilled into me as a kid and growing up, I hated rich people. Wasn’t surprised that I ended up with an internal wealth limit as an adult. I just FINALLY managed to break through that using a custom that I built specifically for that purpose (based on Limit Destroyer Ultima). Now, the sky’s the limit (and yes, it’ll most likely be a new sub / module in Q).

Likewise, if you have issues with your looks, it’ll take awhile for a physical changing sub to make you appear more handsome. Consider it an “internal handsomeness limit.”


Looking forward to this one!


EOG ST1 is helping me with this too I believe. Right?


Follow my EOG ST1 guide.

In my experience, it works much better when you have conscious awareness of the issues you want resolved.

Treat EOG like an active project.


So it makes sense why the face changing module might not be working for some its to do with an an internal belief that needs to be dissolved. Perhaps this also explains why the masculine enhancement is not working perhaps people feel that they do not deserve a bigger penis. I am leaving this forum to go away and work on my negative beliefs and start adding some new belief dissolving modules into my custom.

Thanks everyone for your support.


Wishing you all the best, Blackadder. Hope to hear from you with some good news soon


wishing you the best,
and for a return full of everything you were looking for.


Good luck and don’t give up.


Yes, more discounts are nice :slight_smile:


Still waiting for the surprise! :smiley:


Haha there is a lot on the plate for the team :wink:


See you tommorow


Who’s patiently waiting for the surprise to drop?!


At this point, who isn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I am asking the obvious to farm more Likes :joy:


Guys just found something that works for me…you guys can try it also…
After one loop of libertine at the end of the day i felt drained out…then the headache was almost setting in…

I mixed an electrolyte drink and all those negative effects are gone in less than 5min.
Ultima is super powerful and inorder to keep that aura i think u need to really fuel your body…

this may help someone


You sure you’re not just hungover?

lol, kidding


My go to is a green smoothie with fruit, peanut butter, chia seeds, and a superfood / nutrient mix. Works well with Beyond Limitless also.