Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


The mineral kingdom generates consciousness
The plant kingdom generates consciousness
For your body to work properly you need all the nutrients
For your spirit to handle higher levels you need all the nutrients
Its that simple.


Im also noticing i cant get work done with libertine…im like super charged wide awake in a dance mood…lol…looking for women :joy:


I’ve noticed this as well.

I’m wondering if it’s ok to just run libertine once or twice a week just to get some of the aura while still listening to more “productive” subs for longer loops.


I would like to try the experimental tomorrow as I plan to be outside for a big portion of the day :smiley:


Unfortunately, it’s going to be a bit delayed. @Fire rolled up today with some outstanding ideas he wants to implement, given that we’re probably pivoting away from it after the next update. He wants it to be outstanding.


Outstanding. Any word on the other known Ultima titles? Maybe Executive? :wink:


This i what I do.

I run Emp 3x a day, five days a week and on the last two days before I rest, I play 1 lop of LU.


Yes thats true…
I am going to experiment with that and see what happens


I am back after taking a few days away gathering my thoughts. Will update my journal to reflect my thoughts soon.

Looking foreward to reading everyone’s reports on how they are getting on.


Welcome back! Knew you couldn’t stay away :wink:

I’m getting back into those “useless mantras” after a break with an aim to perfect siddhi of Kleem while in lockdown, preferably before the Kamadeva mala arrives :grin:. Seriously though, there is a reason Indian men and women have been chanting them for thousands of years, the only one that counts: they work.


@emperor_obewan thanks for the warm reception. I am not against people chanting to their hearts content. What i do not understand are people who think that the aura is going to make women jump on them and tear their clothes off. If they want to get laid its better to go out and talk to women rather then chanting silly prayers and clearing chakras which is pure rubbish.

All the losers do hear are complain and moan.


@SubliminalUser how about you go out and talk to women rather then waiting for the next shiny toy ?. stop acting like a 12 year old kid who wants a new computer game because he is bored of his old one.


Why not do both and more? Depending on what you have time for of course :wink:

Screw the haters, the aura is just another tool and those complaining about it are like punks going back to the hardware store to get a refund for a hammer because it didn’t help them break into a bank vault :wink:

That’s why myself I’m using my custom, boning up on techniques for improving social skills, trying other external products (including non subliminal products) and chanting mantras at the same time as using the aura sub. And waiting for lock-down to end so I can travel to the right stomping grounds. Why put all your eggs in one basket right? Maybe that’s DEUS and Omnidimensional in my custom talking though.


@emperor_obewan well doing both is a good idea me thinks :grin:


Without a foundation of attractive attributes
(Added value to women) an Aura boost would only magnify what is lacking. Hence, why such a product truly is meant to complement other primary masculine confident subs. But it still is a great tool to have :slight_smile:


Well said…
So the aura sub can only magnify whats already there hence running a good alpha sub or sexual sub for a long time will def aid libertine


If you aren’t walking in the world feeling and believing you’re a sexy person- there is no way a spotlight on your energy reserves is going to better your chances in attraction.


What u mean by energy reserves


@unusualfellow you are absolutely right the problem here is members think that having a shower, having a shave, dressing up or getting in shape is no longer required as Libertine will do everything. No woman is going to date a man who does not respect himself. I want to see guys taking action and getting laid and not "ohh she smiled at me today ohhh she turned her head and gave me eye contact thats bloody gay to be honest.

They can dream about having sex with cersei lannister lookaline from game of thrones however until they sort themselves out they are going to continue living in their little fantasy world.

If you want inspirations read journals by AMASH and me who went out approaching hundreds of women last year.


No, this is clearly wrong. An aura boost, in this case making you more sexually attractive works by getting the woman lustful. As women are more emotional than men they have the ability to fixate on this and will ignore other markers of sexual market value.

So it doesn’t magnify what is lacking, it does the opposite.