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This is wrong as well.

Remember, that a womans sexual market value is basically her looks but for a man it is a whole range of attributes.

Try being super confident, forcefully dominant and with massive competence. Hardly the archetype of a “libertine” but still very attractive to women.



Looks and Status are key, looks are predominantly more for younger girls. If you want young girls in the age range 20 to 25 get yourself down the gym and get into shape. Status is equally important women are like fucking sheep. When they see you with one hot girl they will want to be with you. So first get yourself into shape sort out your fashion. Go out and socialize get to know at least one girl and the rest will follow.

If your country is full of ugly fat overweight women like most countries in the USA and western europe go to eastern europe and find girls there.


@remarkable good point you can fake it to make it !


For my first post back from being “under the weather”…

Like this post if you wish the old enthusiastic story-telling easygoing blackadder would come back.



Go take a longer break then comeback buddy


@DarkPhilosopher its nice to be back, my biggest concern is this new generation wanting all their work done by listening to subliminals . I ask you how did men meet women before subs came along ?. How did people make money before subs came along ??.

It seems some members want the moon on the stick :rofl: . I am sorry i am laughing too much now and about to burst blood vessel in my neck take later my old friend :slight_smile:


You forgot to mention OldChap and White Tiger.


Going to the gym is great and all but having your shit together and not being a walking red flag is probably equal if not more important.


Fortunately it is possible to do both when one has a home gym. :wink:


There are so many things that are more important than that. In the end, all comes down to building sexual tension


And yet, one cannot build sexual tension by being a [mod edit: mind the language, please] and not even doing anything.


Sure but I am very certain that most of the people reading this have the basics covered.

If not, question your life dude, question your life


Question everything.




Why ‘why’? :grinning:


Thank you for those who question.


Unfortunately, this may not be the case. In the competitors forum there was a virgin handing out PU advice, for example.




Nah honestly Energy trumps all or your vibe. If you are just sexually open and have a deep genuine love for women you become extrememely rare.

I have slept with girls that were way over (My hotness scale) But since I did not feel like that they did not care. Groom workout show that you take care of yourself. But don’t blaim genetics.


This thread is going too “red pill” for our tastes and I had to delete a post or two.

Own your life. Hit the gym. Be a badass at work / your own business. Be exciting and fun. Dress nicely and develop a sense of style. Take risks. Everything will fall into place.