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It is all the anticipation of the upgrade lol


No need to question anything, we are wired to have sex from a very early age its that simple no need to question everything. Its just that you are too fucking lazy to get your act together so please stop this nonsense talk its irritating to many members of this forum. I hate it when people pretend to sound like intellectuals when they are not.



what’s good, man?!

what are you trying to achieve here?

how are you doing, man?


It would be cool to not try to put other people down or be agressive. Everyone is not on the same level in personnal growth so if you are not happy with what he is saying just don’t act like you are the boss, but give your opinion that all.


So, yeah, when I vehemently disagree, or am annoyed, with something or someone here I ignore it for the most part.

That said…

Can we not liken women to little lambs just awaiting the perfect wolf to snatch them up? Even if you feel that way some things are better left unsaid.


Hmm was actually looking forward to hearing about this issue fron the woman’s perspective.


Gentleman, you all make valid points in your own way. The reason we all have different answers is because we’ve run into different women. Some like more dominant men, some actually like them more laid back. The looks, status and everything else external catches a woman’s attention, but won’t keep it unless she’s superficial and emotionally immature most of the time. provide the following for any woman and you got her hooked.

  • Good sex

  • Entertainment (without being her personal clown of course)

  • Provision (not necessarily money, could be emotional support, positive interactions and environments too.)

  • Security ( she feels safe and comfortable with you, especially knowing she can be her real self, someone she’s afraid to show the rest of the world.

  • Great communication abilities. Know how women think and be able to communicate in a way that speaks to THAT particular woman and allows you to influence her emotionally.

  • Make her feel treasured. Even if you have a harem, I’d you ca make her feel like she’s the most precious woman while you interact with her, then she’ll attach to you pretty fast.

All this can be done as long as she’s earning it, meaning you two have a give and take (fair trade) relationship. Be assertive and make your wants and needs known, maintain the mindset of a leader when dealing with women no matter what your personality type is, you can be dominant without being aggressive. I know because it’s a skill I have to practice almost every day.

Make sure your word as a man is law, so do whatever you say you will. Also have some sort of repercussions if she does something you don’t like such as simply cutting off all communication with her, temporarily or permanently. A woman has to know that you’ll back up whatever you say, even if she gets outta line.


Yeah no, too much cringe for me to sift through.


I remember when I was working at the bank a customer guys, like 23 yrs old, started telling me that stuff about woman liking only bad boys…

And I was like “you know buddy, pretty sure you are wrong”. But you can’t change someone’s point of view like that.

I don’t think about PUA stuff anymore, it’s just toxic, just be confident as shit and progress in your life, have ambition and take care of yourself. That’s it. I’m getting way more girl attention since just being confident…


@blackadder It is obvious to everyone that when you left you did not reflect on life. My motto is take action. If you read any of my posts, you would realize that. Why do you take things personally? I take 100% responsibility for my life. What you have said to me is uncalled for. Question everything. I love all women. All women know and can feel that. I haven’t tried Libertine Ultima. Take action and use subliminals to help in your path/journey/goals in life. I know that I always have a good time everywhere I go. I know you are venting or something and I can care less what you think. Thank you for sharing. I learned something from what you said.


@mnemosyne Thank you for sharing your views.
To everyone on this forum, It’s all about sharing and growing.


Why? That is a good question.


Ok I said I wouldn’t but, sigh. Speaking from a cisgendered, female perspective here are my rambling thoughts:

So it all depends on what sort of dynamic you want.

Even if a woman tends towards the submissive/traditional role side she still wants to feel valued and that she has some agency, otherwise what’s the point?

“I can do bad all by myself.”

The higher we (as women) get in terms of achievement the smaller the pool of people who won’t be intimidated because of outdated relationship dynamics. Also, the smaller the list gets of acceptable partners, not fwb, not “he/she cute, why the hell not,” but true partners. I still think it’s much easier to settle into the well worn grooves of man = provider, woman = nurture, but you can also hate yourself for falling into them.

Then again I’m no longer 20, and, as of this year, no longer 30, so maybe my take is a bit traditional.

If some studies are to be believed a heteronormative relationship is more likely to succeed when the man makes at least 15% or so more than the woman. When entering into a relationship even if things start out rather even: when homes are merged and children get involve we still end up taking on more of the unspoken labor or hiring help to do so.

What about sugar?

Sugaring became popular because, for a price, men could have an assumed ideal and women could have a potential fast track to financial security while still in their formative adult years (say 18-20s). For people who want to live out such fantasies there’s a cost to entry and the cost for the “baby” is stuffing away all the authentic things that don’t match with the fantasy of the sugar- . In turn, they get monetary compensation, potential mentoring and some interesting memoirs.

This dynamic was always around but then sites like seeking arrangements pushed it into focus.

People can have these kinds of relationships without the label. Trophies, dating significantly younger, mentor-partnerships are all things that have existed for ages.


Online/offline Dating

My gay friends not looking for lasting relationships have a great time online. They’re all very visual. Grindr has categories that more generic apps can’t get away with. My gay friends looking for the “one,” end up similarly frustrated the older they get. It’s similar for my female friends but less fun.

I am well aware that as a woman I get way more likes than some of my male friends just because. It doesn’t make it all sunshine and rainbows, but at least there’s more to work with. It means I have an ever present shortlist of people to consider, but that doesn’t mean I find permanence faster.

So you have to stand out more in some way that sings to the person you’re talking to. First line, “hey sexy,” ain’t it.

Then there’s the world of dating and abnormal expectations. Just because someone insists on paying for dinner, Michelin starred or not, does not give them carte blanche to your body. But what ends up happening, and why we at least attempt to pay first is suddenly there’s an expected exchange of “goods.”

I’m a pretty easygoing person, but I’ve had people step right over my boundaries into “oh yeah this is not what I signed up for,” in an instant. From 0 to my trachea is being squeezed in a not fun way.


Single vs Married

My single female friends and we’ll put them in the range of +/- 12 years to me are not pressed for a relationship. We were traveling and living our best lives pre M-covid. Some long for more and some are fine with going with the flow. I vacillate between both views.

My married female friends all speak of frustration and sacrifice no matter how long/happy their relationships have been.

I’ve been both, and I’m infinitely more happy post marriage (no kids) than I was within one. That said, looking for the next relationship feels like a thing I should be doing but don’t want to.

Have no problem attracting people, but my list of things I’ll stick around for even if they annoy me is mad short. That all goes out the window if I’ve already “fallen.” As a nurturing person with boundaries that need to be rebuilt and set, I default to taking myself out of the fray rather than get sucked into something I’d regret. Focusing on me comes first because it’s the first thing to go out the window when I’m involved.


I’ll keep this brief, but there are all sorts of dynamics beyond the traditional depending on what makes someone tick. So boxing “all” of any person into one category does them a disservice. The needs/wants of people can completely buck against the norm depending on where they fall on the spectrums of kink.

Now onto libertine and attraction:

If I were to consider using it for real and not just as an ultima test: it would probably be to get me out of my head and into a more receptive state for all this * gestures wildly * if it’s supposed to give you a consistently better… oh I hate to use the word, but I will… caliber of people interested then that’s fine. Additional volume is not something I want/need.


I didn’t even touch upon the dynamics of ethical non monogamy or polyamory as they’re not things I’m personally well versed on. That said, I always wonder of a lot of people claiming this on their profiles whether their partners know.

Then there’s the whole I’m of a certain age thing which adds a whole level of wtf to some interactions. Go too young and they might be looking for a mother figure or have a cougar thing. If I had a nickle for every, “have you ever been with a guy this young (5 years) before? Sir, you have more wrinkles than I do. :joy:

Go older and they might have fallen apart, lie about their age, or are so mired in some infuriating mindset that you wanna flip a table.



Just to say… blanket statements don’t fit a whole gender and anecdotes like mine don’t mean they’re isn’t some truth in the generalizations.

I’m losing steam here and typing this much on my phone was a slog. Also, I don’t even know if any of this was useful


@mnemosyne It is useful. Thank you again for sharing.


You gave her a taste of the magic…Salchichon!



Most women are not practising lesbians so what will we be able to learn from them.

Remember, men take the piss out of each other…

…and don’t mean it.

Women are nice to each other…

…and don’t mean it.

Remember the PU adage, pay attention to what she does, not what she says.

Can we trust women to tell the truth and not lie because they are more concerned with others thinking well of them than the cold hard truth?

(Apparently most long term lesbian relationships are sexless because both partners rely on the other to make the first move. Biology will out).


It is not the “bad boys” women like, it is the “bad boys” appearance of confidence.

If you had considered PU more you might have understood this.

Men turned to PU in order to find out how to get sex. In doing so they have to learn reality.

Reality in one sphere can be applied other spheres.

So the question is, how can reality be toxic?


I do, read my earlier journals from last year I packed my bags travelled to various countries in eastern europe to bang the most beautiful women. I never used an aura problem back then its nice that SC have released an aura program as it works for many people, however some people continue to write silly posts in this thread “ohhh please sovereign release the new updated aura” or “when are you going to release the new aura upgrade” who cares ? when they decide to do it they will. Rather then spending time bugging SC about new aura updates why not come out there and sort your life out.

This is my last post in this thread good luck everyone. No point in posting here anymore.


@blackadder Thank you again for sharing. I’ve read about 99% of this forum. I also know that the subs are there to help. Heavy lifting is still required.


Because it is the nature of self help that some seek a magic bullet and that some of the practitioners have (how can I phrase this diplomatically) an awful lot more problems/starting at a much lower base than others.

Some people simply can’t be helped.